International College Hong Kong


Language study is a key strength at ICHK, and we consistently celebrate outstanding examination results, alongside success in prestigious competitions.

We are proud of our strong Chinese, Spanish and Japanese curricula, which are led by an experienced and inspiring group of teachers.

Our goal is to nurture linguistic skills and we treasure the many native languages of our community.


Trips, excursions, exchange visits and a Chinese immersion and IB Preparation Camp, enrich language study and offer invaluable opportunities for growth.

Our Kingston Chinese Programme provides a strong syllabus for students who require a higher level of Chinese.

We recruit only the best possible teachers and are proud to share our expertise through guest lectures, including recent input into the Technology in Teaching Chinese Masters programme at the University of Hong Kong.

The flow-chart below details the diverse language pathways currently offered at ICHK. For more detailed information, please see our Languages Guide.

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