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Families seeking admission for their child at any time of the year, should contact the school for advice on the admissions process or complete our online application form. All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs.

Admissions Policy

Our admissions policy reflects our school mission and vision, and has been adopted by the Board of Governors who are responsible for its content and review. (This policy was reviewed and revised in September 2021).

ICHK is a community school whose diverse student population is one of our main strengths and reflects the rich demographics of our partner schools. In keeping with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, ICHK does not discriminate in admissions with regard to gender, citizenship, race or religion. However, as English is our medium of instruction and to ensure that students gain maximum benefit from the education we provide, students are required to be proficient in English, or to demonstrate such proficiency is within their short term reach. The school offers a scholarship scheme for deserving students from the wider community.

ICHK is run as a day school. Students must therefore reside with their parent(s) or other legal guardian in a location within commuting distance to the school.

ICHK exists to cater primarily for students from our family of partner schools: ICHK Kindergarten and Primary, Japanese International School and Kingston International School; and the holders of foreign passports who are able to access the campus. We have an extensive bus service which caters for the New Territories and Kowloon. Our community believes in the benefit of small class sizes (a maximum of 22 students with two additional places in exceptional circumstances).

Hence all students are accepted according to the following criteria:

  1. There is sufficient space in the class.

  2. Students meet our admissions requirements.

Admission Requirements

The Head of School makes the final decision on admission of students into the school.

  1. As English is the language of instruction, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English. Dispensation may be granted for students with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Previous school reports or a non-verbal standardised test score will need to establish that the student will be able to successfully access the curriculum within a reasonable time. Parents will need to demonstrate a commitment to supporting English at home and, if necessary, agree to pay for EAL intensive support at school.

  2.  Students should have a record of commitment to learning.

  3.  ICHK is a community school. Parents should be supportive of their children’s education and be willing to become involved in the life and ethos of the school.

  4. As a school which believes in the benefits of a holistic education, parents must agree to their child’s participation in both the activities programme and CAS+ Week.

  5. Students with learning needs may be admitted if the school believes that their needs can be met by the school’s Educational Support programmes and the student can be placed in a mainstream classroom without unduly impacting on the education of other students. If the school is of the view that additional teaching support will be required, then parents will be asked to pay for these additional costs. (A conditional offer will be made in these circumstances).

  6. Any initial placement is tentative, and the school may either advise a change of grade level or class after the student’s learning profile have been assessed or, in certain circumstances, may withdraw the placement.

Admission into the IB Diploma Programme

This section applies equally to our existing students and to external applicants.

  1. Students must first meet all admission requirements as stated above.

  2. Students who have completed their Y11 course of study at ICHK or otherwise, are eligible to apply for the IB DP. In order for students to meet with success in the IB, it is recommended that students should have a minimum of 5 A*-C grades at GCSE or equivalent and a minimum of grade B for Higher level subjects.

  3. All monies owed to ICHK shall have been paid in full.

Allocation of Places at ICHK Secondary

The allocation of places to study at ICHK Secondary is governed by the following principles:

  1. Each year, ICHK Secondary is able to offer a total of 88 places for students to study in Year 7.

  2. The EDB requires that at least 70% of the student population be “non-Hong Kong” passport holders (ie foreign, Mainland China, Macau or Taiwan passport holders.) Mainland Chinese passport holders generally become Hong Kong passport holders after obtaining permanent residence. Other applicants may be in the process of obtaining a “non-Hong Kong” passport. The passport the student holds will be considered at the proposed admission date.

  3. ICHK offers places in advance to foreign passport holders who are able to meet (or who are foreseen soon to be able to meet) the challenges of the curriculum, up to a quota of 40 students in any given academic year. These are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Once that quota is full, further applications are put on a waiting list until after November 1, which is the deadline for applications from our partner primary schools ( ICHK Kindergarten and Primary, Kingston International School and Japanese International School).

Tuition Fees 2024-25

School fees are payable as quoted in Hong Kong Dollars.

Years 7-9

Years 10-11

Years 12-13

Term 1 (Autumn)




Term 2 (Spring)




Term 3 (Summer)








10 Monthly (Autopay)




Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $205 is paid on submission of the application form.  There follows a second installment of $2,000 which  covers all administrative costs associated with your child securing a place at ICHK.

Non-Refundable Capital Debenture

A non-refundable debenture is required for each new student to join ICHK. This is used for capital development including the provision for upgrading school facilities and for school development in the long term to meet parents’ expectations.

This debenture is to be paid in THREE non-refundable installments. Enrolment is final only after the school has received the payment of the first installment. Cheques are payable to International College Hong Kong (NT). Please write the full name of your child on the back of the cheque and the name of your child’s school. Please send to ICHK, 60 Sha Tau Kok Road, Shek Chung Au, New Territories, Hong Kong.




Installment 1

HKD $60,000

Payable before the student is enrolled.

Installment 2

HKD $20,000

Payable on or before June 1st in Year 7 or the first year of studies

Installment 3

HKD $20,000

Payable on or before June 1st in Year 8 or the second year of studies

For Year 6 students entering Year 7, parents are required to pay the first installment of $30,000HKD (students from primary partners only) or $60,000 (all other students) by 1st November in the year before the student starts to confirm the acceptance of a priority place for Year 7. Following this date, entry becomes generally available to eligible students. For entry to all other years, the first installment is paid in order to confirm uptake of a place and before the student begins their studies. The second installment of $20,000HKD is paid towards the end of their first year, and is used to confirm that the student will continue their studies into the second year. Parents whose child will not continue their studies should inform the Head of School with one term’s notice. The third installment of $20,000HKD is paid at the end of the second year and confirms that a student will continue their studies for the third year and beyond. Parents whose child will not continue their studies should inform the Head of School with one term’s notice. For students entering ICHK as Year 7s and from partner primaries only, the model above continues into years 4 and 5, with payments of $15,000HKD in each instance.

We accept applications throughout the year including applications for the IB Diploma programme. The debenture is waived for Years 12 and 13, so that, for a student joining ICHK in Year 10, there is only one subsequent payment, and for a student joining in Year 11 no subsequent payment, after the initial $60,000HKD securing entry.

Discounts to the non-refundable debenture are available with respect to siblings at 10% for the second child and 50% for any further children attending the school.

*Please note: New arrangements for parents of partner schools to pay the debenture in installments were introduced in September 2017, and any applications for partial refunds cannot be made retrospectively.

Examination Fees

Examination and administration fees for external examinations, eg IGCSE and IB are not included in annual school fees and will be charged to students taking the examinations. The derivation of examination fees is governed entirely by the requirement of the school to meet the mandates of the exam boards. The fees cover courier charges, international telephone calls, exam board administration fees, centre inspection fees, moderator visit costs, maintenance of the examination infrastructure within school, and stipulated training costs.

Withdrawal of Students from the School

It helps us greatly to have an accurate picture of students’ intentions to remain at ICHK. We ask for a term’s notice in writing, but we understand that circumstances can sometimes make this difficult. In such cases, please, provide as much notice as possible to help us with planning and operations. Notice should be given in writing to the school office at

The following is offered as a guide: 

Date of Leaving

Notice Period

Leaving at the end of term

 Notice on the first day of that term.

Leaving during a term

 Notice on the first day of the previous term.

Leaving during term 1 (Aug-Dec)

Leaving before or during mid term break, notice by the first day of the previous term.

Leaving after the mid term break and before the last day of term 1, notice on the last day of the previous term.

Other Payment Information


ICHK Secondary offers a scholarship policy. You can read more about our scholarships.
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