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Beyond the Curriculum

Our Curriculum X Activities Programme.

At ICHK, a huge range of activities outside of the curriculum provide wonderful learning experiences, whilst helping to broaden and enrich education.

Whilst many schools refer to their activities as Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs), at ICHK, we believe they are a core part of our programme rather than an optional extra. 

Activities are therefore included as one of the compulsory periods in each student's schedule. 

Our programme, with its emphasis on exercise, outdoor learning and creativity is central to our approaches, as our philosophy is grounded in the conviction that young people should be supported in developing their all-round characters if they are to produce themselves as confident, self-directed, ambitious, and fearless learners.

Activities are also a critical part of the 'epistemic apprenticeship' which is built into the fabric of the school and includes not just academic work but the social, emotional and values-driven dimensions of students’ lives.

Students celebrate success in the fields of sport, creative writing, drama, and performing arts.

School trips and camps, sporting competitions, musical productions, exhibitions and Curriculum X activities all help to create enthusiastic, creative and confident individuals.

Students are offered an extensive portfolio which helps give them the confidence needed to mature into well-rounded young adults.

We consistently win major awards in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival and Super Language Competition.

Our students are great ambassadors for ICHK, applying their learning in the Hong Kong Young Writer’s Awards, Hong Kong History Bee; Model United Nations, Hong Kong, the South East Asian Mathematics Competition and the Global Issues Competition.

We aim to be the leading school for touch rugby in the region and have achieved huge success in this field, winning many trophies including the HK Schools Grand Champions  Award. We have celebrated many achievements in team sports, and a number of our students compete internationally for Hong Kong in sports including rugby, ice hockey and sailing.

Our House system creates a spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and cooperation, with students given many opportunities to compete in a wide range of inter-school events.

The Student Representative Council leads fundraising efforts and organizes ways for students to participate and contribute to the school community.

A wealth of amazing experiences is available to students during our annual Deep Learning+ Week, which focuses on community service, outdoor pursuits, teamwork and language skills. Our unique location offers unrivalled opportunities for outdoor experiences.

A talent showcase is held every year along with a school production where all students are given the opportunity to be involved.

At ICHK, non-academic achievements are broad and all help enrich students’ learning as well as promoting the importance of a healthy, well balanced lifestyle.

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Deep Learning+ Week

An annual week dedicated to learning outside of the school environment.

A special off-site Deep Learning+ Week is held every year in October, which is tailored to individual year groups and focuses on community service, outdoor pursuits, teamwork and language skills.

The programme allows our students to develop as leaders, learn about different cultures, experience the stunning natural landscape of Hong Kong, carry out work experience and develop their language and communication skills.

It is a vital part of the curriculum, and helps students to challenge themselves, to bond with their teachers and classmates, and to develop in ways which simply could not be duplicated within the classroom.

In recent years, students have trekked through a Thai jungle, biked and climbed in a Guilin village, helped to build a school library, climbed Hong Kong’s highest peaks, planned and taught English to local students in China, worked together to build rafts, cooked for themselves, become Mongolian TV presenters and film-makers and improved their Chinese skills.

They have taken part in canyoning, waterfall abseiling, sea kayaking, forestry, bouldering, boogie boarding, swimming and camp skills. Many have completed first aid and life saving, and also experienced surfing, rock climbing, caving and hiking.

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Extra Curricular Activities

A huge range of extra curricular activities helps to broaden and enrich education at ICHK.

A huge range of extra curricular activities helps to broaden and enrich education at ICHK.

Our unique location means that students are able to make full use of the nearby coastline and country parks for hiking, sailing, kayaking, cross country running and cycling.

Our activities fit under the broad headings of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), and each term we run a wide selection of weekly activities during break times and after school.

All students take part in Tuesday activities, which include:

Lunchtime activities are:

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For further information on any of our extra curricular opportunities please contact our Activities Coordinator Raymond Chan at

Cultural Exchange

Cultural and community exchange trips are an important part of the ICHK curriculum.

A strong partnership has been developed with Nengren Middle School in Jiangsu Province, which has a very similar philosophy to ICHK.

Exchange trips are run along with an annual Chinese Immersion and IB Preparation Camp.

Our exciting programme is aimed at enriching language study, but more than that it offers invaluable opportunities for growth in our students.

Students are immersed in Chinese language and culture, and are exposed to an incredible range of learning experiences, as well as enjoying the hospitality of their host families.

After each trip, we see our students returning to school with increased confidence and resilience as a result of the experiences they have.

In addition to our exchange trips, a Chinese Immersion and IB Preparation Camp offers students a two week programme of IB subjects – all taught through the medium of Chinese.

It is a fantastic opportunity for them to make a head start on their IB studies, as well as developing their language skills.

The curriculum is carefully devised in conjunction with the teaching staff at ICHK to ensure that students are taught IB Diploma specific content. Students benefit widely hugely from the classes and the learning environment

These trips focus on language immersion, but that is only part of the experience. Students grow in resilience, support each other during time away from home and learn to deal with situations outside their comfort zones. This is the true value of our exchange programme.

To read a trip reflection from Group Leader Amanda Luk click here.

To see an exchange trip in action please click this video link.

To see an Language Immersion & IB Preparation Camp reflection video, please watch below:

House System

House System Community spirit is fundamental to the ICHK ethos, and nowhere is this more apparent than through the Dynasty House System.

When students start secondary school they are allocated a House (Ming, Song or Tang), which are each led by three House Captains and representatives from each year group.

The House system is built on a foundation of friendly competition, so that the many activities in which the students go head-to-head are an opportunity both to celebrate their own successes but also to commend and applaud the successes of others.

This friendly rivalry is given ample opportunity to manifest itself in a wide-range of inter-house events, including House Sports, Charity Fund Raising and the Arts.

Students earn House points during the year and the House with the most points at the end of the year will be awarded the House Cup.

The aim is to create a spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and cooperation. Our reputation for fair play and sportsmanship is well established in the inter-school competitions, in which we regularly punch above our weight.

The system encourages students to feel part of a team, develop a sense of pride, enhance leadership and organisation skills and above all integrate themselves as part of the ICHK community. We encourage all students to participate in the House system, reach beyond their comfort zones, try something new and have fun.


Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is the student voice at ICHK.

This group of elected members represents all students in the school, and organizes ways for them to participate and contribute to the school community.

All SRC members act as positive and active leaders and as role models in the school. They learn about leadership, strive to offer activities that foster a spirit of adventure and make a positive and sustainable difference to those in need.

Founded on the ideals of internationalism, democracy, adventure, environmentalism, leadership and service, the aim of the SRC is to enable student independence and leadership.

We want to involve our students, encourage them to be active members of our community, and allow their opinions and views to be heard and respected.

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