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Enrichment & Flow

An ICHK innovation, designed to help students discover more about themselves as learners.

Enrichment & Flow is one of a complex of initiatives that we have adopted to enrich our students’ experience of school and their understanding of themselves as people and learners.

Year 10 and 11 students have two E&F sessions per week, which they use to develop their skills as independent thinkers and takers of action. These sessions are generally organised as double periods, allowing extended time for learning within and beyond the school campus.

Students identify what activities serve them best at any given moment, being judicious in their choice of focus and in their prioritisation of tasks and activities.

E&F activities can focus on consolidation, allowing students additional time to master existing areas of the curriculum. Some students use it for extension purposes, using the time to develop further existing areas of the curriculum. Others use it to spend time on an area not found within the curriculum, such as engaging in Free Learning or undertaking a research project on a topic of personal interest.

Others use the time to join a unique internship programme which has been developed at ICHK.

This initiative offers students valuable opportunities to develop life skills, gain real life experience and build on their portfolios for university and life beyond school.

Tailor made programmes have been developed with a range of organisations, giving students real insights into their lines of work. 

At different times, students will use E&F sessions for diverse, well-targeted ends. For some students, E&F represents the chance to extend their skill or knowledge base, either individually or in pairs or teams. For others, it is the chance to build a pause into their weekly schedule, to take a breath, gather their wits and get on top of things. For all students, however, E&F introduces genuine choice and invites them to take responsibility for their learning, a foretaste of the self-starting and self-regulating skills that they will need for IB Diploma and at university.

Students are also able to use E&F sessions to prepare for the Mastery Transcript, working on leadership activities, work experience, project management, teamwork initiatives, public speaking, class work, service to others, and other examples of learning which demonstrate the skills and attributes needed to lead a successful life.

E&F is part of the innovative curriculum at ICHK, which taken together with Human Technologies, Free Learning, Deep Learning, Outdoor Learning and a diverse activities programme, provides a school experience in which it makes sense and is possible for students to want to be and to build towards being the best people they can be.

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