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Guiding Statements

At ICHK learning is at the heart of everything we do: students, teachers, administrators, leaders, individually and collectively learning together.

Our mission is to educate all our students, unlock their potential and offer an experience that best prepares them for life beyond school.

Our vision is Learning together, thoughtfully

Guiding Statements

Our guiding statements are informed by four strategic directions.

1. Thriving Students

ICHK exists so that students who attend our school enjoy the conditions in which they can thrive as learners and people.

As an IB World School, in support of this aim, we draw naturally on the IB Learner Profile to develop our appreciation of the term thrive.

ICHK deploys a series of indicators by which the community at large and students individually can gain a realistic sense of whether and to what extent they are thriving. That is, to what extent they are happy, confident, intelligent, collaborative, dependable, considerate, gracious, self-motivating, ethical and proactive.

One important indicator is the Approaches to Learning (ATL) Rubric, which covers the following elements: attitude to challenge, resilience and motivation, attitude to feedback and advice, organisation, showing initiative and making choices, working independently, working with other students, conducting oneself and relating to others, and contribution to class . The terms of ATL Rubric are introduced to students when they join ICHK and are revisited periodically thereafter.

ATLs are an opportunity to reflect on how students are going about their learning, celebrating successes and highlighting areas for improvement. Research shows that focusing on academic mindsets, perseverance and behaviours leads to positive academic results for students.

Students in Years 7-9, who we consider to be apprentices in learning, are assessed only on the first three levels of the ATL rubric. Older students, who we hope to be moving into the ‘wayfinder’ and ‘mastery’ phases of their ICHK epistemic apprenticeship, are assessed on all five levels of the rubric.

Our end of term awards recognise Growth Mindset, Courage in the Learning Zone and Support of Peers, strongly reflecting our mission and vision as a school.

Students at ICHK:

2. Best Possible Teacher

Teachers at ICHK strive to create an effective environment for learning. We value and foster excitement; we challenge and support. Every teacher is empowered through the language and modeling of the 5+1 model to lead and guide our students in their learning journeys.

The Best Possible Teachers:

3. Environment for Sustainable Living and Learning

Our environment can inspire us to learn and have a major impact on our sense of well-being. We must act as stewards for sustainable living and learning.

We recognize how we are both stewards for our environment, yet understand and accept that we are affected by our environment in that it can inspire us to learn and alter our sense of wellbeing. Thus we will:

4. Community and Partnership 

We build strong networks within the wider community both locally and internationally which provide authentic learning opportunities centred on:

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