International College Hong Kong

A dynamic IB World School set across two campuses in the beautiful New Territories, offering a complete educational through-train.

ICHK is honoured to be named one of Cambridge University’s most innovative schools worldwide


“Your school has a lovely feel. It wasn’t trying to be anything other than what it was – a happy place
for children to learn.”

“What a fantastic, warm, caring community.”

“One often hears the refrain, ‘Best kept secret’ as a nod to excellence or some higher standard. We believe that ICHK is indeed the best kept secret in international education in Hong Kong.”

“In a few years, when the rest of this part of the world better understands and appreciates the value proposition that you are offering, you will be in the position of being among the first adaptors. You will be seen as having been cutting edge and in touch with the importance of this approach, helping students to be in the best possible position to meet the challenges they face in the future.”

“ICHK is a school filled with magic, wellbeing and a soulful heart. You see children running into school and when you walk through the gates the sound of happy, joyful children is testament to the joy of learning. The staff are very special, supporting each other and making everyone feel valued. There’s a magical feel to this school and it’s a place where you want to stay and not leave.”

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The Council Of International Schools Said...

“ICHK is a close-knit community that clearly cares about its students. The school embraces innovation in educational practice, and its staff are encouraged to explore opportunities beyond usual school practices.”

“All members of the learning community at ICHK are encouraged to embrace a ‘growth mind-set’ where resilience and persistence are promoted daily throughout school life.”

“Students are happy and see themselves as learners, leaders and potential leaders.”

ICHK is a wonderful community school where community values are authentic at all levels of the school.”

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Wednesday 19th September 2018: HLY Resumes, Secondary Remains Closed

Following instructions issued by the EDB, our HLY campus will return to normal operations on Wednesday 19th September 2018.

Due to electrical supply issues, our Secondary campus will remain closed to students, who are expected to work from home.

More news to follow by email.