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Marianne Atkins

My husband Richard and I are the first in both of our families to have lived abroad. Having lived in Asia for a decade before our children were born, we chose for them to attend local school for their early years, as we felt it offered the language, environment, and discipline for learning that was different to what we taught them at home.

We have a friend who worked in the outdoor education industry, who spoke very highly of ICHK and the sense of freedom they offered through their educational programmes. Years later, when it came to options for secondary school, we knew immediately that ICHK was delivering a method of learning that no other school could compare with. 

We are now well into our journey and I knew our eldest would naturally feel at ease because of the abundance of activities that do not bind him to a classroom for long periods of time. Our youngest has since joined and is learning to explore who she is and the values she brings to her learning environment. Children need to be happy to learn and develop to their fullest potential, and ICHK ensures they are happy, well supported and that they are developing and learning as individuals.

What ICHK offers is not just a place to nurture young minds but to remind them what that means. It may be small but it is very serious when students show an interest for something; they go for it with resilience and determination that allows the kids to rock up to events and surprise people as the quiet but confident underdogs. ICHK is the village that raises the child.


Amanda Crow

ICHK is truly magical. 

It’s small by design stature contradicts the  enormous range of experiences it offers to its students. It proves time and time again that it has the balance of academia, sports, creativity, nature appreciation, local and international culture, language and pastoral care just right.

No single week at ICHK is ‘typical’.  Younger students gain important life skills such as road and water safety (via cycling and water sports) and independent travelling. 

Older students expand and share their experiences and demonstrate patience and respect by becoming outdoor leaders and mentors to their younger cohort. 

Pupils are invited to invest in each other by joining the Student Representive Council and Student Media Teams who run student led events throughout the year.

Core and interdisciplinary subjects are taken beyond the classroom to demonstrate their real word relevance.

Artistic talents flourish via a carousel of Art disciplines and showcased in galleries, musical concerts,  original theatre and set design leaving audiences in awe.

Sports and physical fitness options are in abundance with something for everyone, from touch rugby, basketball and climbing to ultimate frisbee. 

The school has deep connections not only in the surrounding rural villages and natural areas but also in the wider HK community, in particular with those that share common values.

Making all this possible and at its very core is a passionate, dedicated, warm and friendly team of staff with student welfare and education prioritised.

ICHK is a culture that CARES.

Choosing ICHK was undoubtedly the best decision.

Johnson Chong

As a parent, selecting the right school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you can make. It influences not only their learning experience but also their personal development and worldview. Our choice of International College Hong Kong (ICHK) for our son Karim was guided by several factors that, from our perspective, set this institution apart from others.

Holistic Educational Approach

What stood out immediately about ICHK was its holistic approach to education. The school doesn't just focus on academic excellence but also emphasizes the development of critical thinking, creativity, and personal growth. The curriculum is designed to nurture not just learners, but thinkers, creators, and responsible citizens.

Supportive and Nurturing Environment

ICHK provides a very supportive and nurturing environment. The faculty and staff are not merely educators; they are mentors who genuinely care about the students' emotional and psychological well-being. This care is evident in their proactive approach to student engagement, regular feedback, and the availability of counseling services. As a parent, knowing your child is in a supportive environment, where they can openly discuss their feelings and challenges, is incredibly reassuring.

Community and Communication

The sense of community at ICHK is strong. Regular events, activities, and open communication channels foster a close-knit environment that includes students, teachers, and parents alike. The Gibbon school platform is particularly effective, keeping parents updated on their child’s progress, school events, and any pertinent feedback from teachers. This level of transparency and communication is invaluable in creating a collaborative atmosphere that benefits the students’ learning and development.

Facilities and Resources

While ICHK may not have the most lavish facilities compared to some elite international schools, it has ample resources that support effective learning. More importantly, the school invests in quality teaching and the continuous development of its curriculum. For us, the quality of educational content and the dedication of the teachers outweigh the need for extravagant facilities.

Preparation for Future Challenges

ICHK excels in preparing students for future challenges, be it higher education or other career paths. The school provides comprehensive guidance on university applications, including informative sessions that involve both students and parents. This preparation goes beyond academic readiness; it also includes developing the resilience and adaptability students need to succeed in diverse environments.

Handling of Challenges

No school is without its challenges, and the true test is how these are managed. ICHK’s handling of a tragic incident, through robust counseling services and community support, reassured us of the school's commitment to its students' safety and well-being. The way the school community came together during tough times has reinforced our trust in ICHK's values and crisis management.


As a parent, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and pride in Karim's growth and development at ICHK. The school’s commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and enriching educational environment has played a pivotal role in shaping him into a confident, compassionate, and well-rounded individual. Choosing ICHK was, undoubtedly, one of the best decisions we made for our son's education and personal development.

Bogdana Pashkovska

Our son Gleb has just finished his 13th year in school. We have very mixed feelings. On the one hand we are so happy that he is entering a new exciting stage of his life. On the other hand we feel sad that his school years are already in the past. We feel very happy that Gleb had this great experience to be a part of ICHK community with its great teachers, friendly family-like attitude and cosy atmosphere. We are sure that after many years Gleb will have great memories about the school. In particular we want to express our gratitude to ICHK for understanding and support during some hard times. We greatly appreciate it and we will always remember it. Thank you, ICHK.



Janine Davies

When our family moved to Hong Kong, our three children were aged 10, 12 and 14 years old. Previously we have lived in several different countries but always within Europe and this was our first time living as a family in Asia.

In Hong Kong there is a large choice of schools with different programs but this can be overwhelming when planning a move. We visited several schools in the New Territories area as we knew where my husband’s office base and probably our home would be. We were moving from Italy and the IB system and ideally wanted to stay within that school program for continuation.

After visiting other schools, varying in size and location, we visited ICHK . Instantly we were met by a totally different atmosphere. Not only were we greeted by a member of staff but on our tour, every class had a smile or wave from either a child or teacher. For the first time, when the children came out of their prospective tests and interviews, all three were smiling and were desperate for us to agree to them joining this school.

From then it has been years of seeing this school be a great experience for them all. What the school lacks in grand facilities it gains in so many other ways which are far more important to us as parents. The location means that many classes and activities can integrate the outdoors and nature into their learning. How many children get to mountain bike as a sports lesson or walk around real mangroves or the nearby beach to learn about coastlines?

The school has great dedicated staff and teachers but it is the innovation that has surpassed anything we expected. The school constantly looks at ways to engage the children in programs that are more than just a sequence of lessons but life skills that they can use for their future as adults. The Deep Learning program was introduced the year after we arrived and is an incredible way of making the students learn independence and think for themselves. It also allows students to work on projects within mixed age groups comfortably which is proven to lower any risk of bullying. Our children have totally different interests but all three were catered for with their sport, languages and drama.

As a family we also enjoyed school trips including ski trips to Japan and enjoyed the strong community feel which is encouraged within the school. Regular events mean parents have the opportunity to meet at shows, exhibitions and fairs.

We are very happy we decided to join the ICHK community.



Elisabeta Cranfield

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we did the rounds of looking at various schools, and trying to resolve the balance of school first or house first. It was not just our choice. Our two children had to be involved in the decision of which schools they went to. We were happy with what we saw in our initial visit to ICHK so the decision was made. 

Any child needs to be happy in their school environment for them to learn and develop to their fullest potential. In the seven years that our daughter and the five years that our son have spent there, we believe they have both done so

ICHK does dare to be different and encourages its students to express themselves and test for themselves their own boundaries.  It is refreshing in Hong Kong to have an international school that while pushing its own boundaries of how students learn, it is doing so while not being preoccupied with the grades, or potential grades of students applying to go there. 

Perhaps most importantly, students are not forced into a predetermined mould of appearance and behaviour.  They need the space and opportunity to express themselves. Yes, it must be in a way that is respectful and not offensive to others but it does not need to restrict their individual expression. 

These would not be allowed in other schools in Hong Kong. We are so glad that both our children were able to spend all, or at least the majority of their secondary education at ICHK; in an environment which has allowed them to develop and learn as individuals.


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