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Maths is a core curriculum element at ICHK, with students receiving an exemplary education.

Our approach is aimed at developing students’ mathematical mindsets, challenging the beliefs of those who feel they simply cannot do maths, and reducing any anxiety around the subject. It is based on the work of Jo Boaler, founder of YouCubed and Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford.

At ICHK, themes have been developed in Years 7 to 9 to support students’ understanding of mathematical concepts.

In Year 7, students learn to express ‘mathematics’ as a picture, demystifying the behaviour of numbers by visualisation.

The goal of Year 8 is to build upon the students’ foundational skills and work with them on methods of communication, developing skills of critical thinking and reasoning.

In Year 9, students explore the relationships that exist within Mathematics, as well as those that connect to other learning areas.

The three themes: Visualisation, Communication and Relationships form the basis of our work and they are the human technologies that we use to enhance the learning experience for all students.

This foundational work ensures that students are well equipped with the skills needed in IGCSE and IBDP.

At IGCSE, there are two levels of the Mathematics course: the core curriculum and the extended curriculum. Mathematics is a compulsory subject in the IB Diploma Programme, with three courses available, depending on the depth with which students want to study the subject.

For much more detailed information see our Year 10-11 Curriculum Brochure and our Year 12-13 Curriculum Brochure.

We celebrate Pi Day every year, bringing fun maths challenges to all students, and maths is a feature of our pioneering Deep Learning programme, with a number of maths specific units on offer. Students also participate in a number of mathematics competitions, including the Junior and Senior Mathematics Team Challenge and the North East Asian Mathematics Competition, enabling them to apply their learning, enjoy a competitive environment and build friendships with peers from other schools.

The dynamic and active learning environment of our maths department has been recognised by the Scientific Committee of the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards, after a research report by one of our students was identified as comparable to a project of a university undergraduate.

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