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Accreditation & Recognition

International College of Hong Kong is an IB World School, fully accredited by the Council of International Schools.

The system of teaching and learning adopted by the school … ensures that teaching and learning fosters a stimulating learning environment based on mutual understanding and respect. ⏤ International Baccalaureate Organisation

ICHK is honoured to be named one of Cambridge University’s most innovative schools worldwide.

The prestigious University’s research wing, Cambridge Strategies, included ICHK in its list of pioneering global schools in 2017.

Innovation 800

Profiles of featured schools formed part of the publication ‘Innovation 800’, created to celebrate 800 years of excellence at Cambridge.

Innovation 800 showcases global leaders and institutions at the forefront of change in the field of education. The project celebrates a shortlist of just 100 schools and colleges worldwide, and highlights their novel, impactful and effective solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face as educators: how to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing world; how to energise and inspire students to their fullest potential; how to remain relevant as social and economic landscapes shift; how to foster healthy, happy, confident, life-long learners, passionate and optimistic about their own and the planet’s future.

ICHK is the only school in Hong Kong to be featured, with our innovative curriculum and cutting edge approach to learning winning us a place in the list of pioneering schools.

Cambridge Strategies were persuaded by the complex of initiatives – Human Technologies, the 5+1 Model, outdoor based activities – that we have adopted to enrich our students’ experience of school and their understanding of themselves as people and learners.

For ICHK to be embraced by Cambridge Strategies’ Innovation 800 is a great feeling. To be recognised for our efforts by a global player with such peerless credentials is a morale boost for all the staff and students who work so hard to make ICHK such a special school.

A spokesperson for Cambridge Strategies said: “This new publication tells the story of eight centuries of innovative thinking from one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Featuring contributions from industry pioneers and commentators, as well as informative features, engaging insights and expert advice for students and alumni, Innovation 800 connects students, innovators, educators, recruiters and the wider world of business.”


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