International College Hong Kong
Dec 03, 2018

Kingston Chinese Programme

We are delighted to officially announce our new Kingston Chinese Programme.

This innovative and unique new curriculum will be launched next year, providing an additional pathway to our existing languages programme. It is being generously funded by our primary partner KIS, and developed in partnership with ICHK teachers.

An official signing ceremony for the programme has been held, and regular meetings are underway as the curriculum takes shape.

Teachers from ICHK secondary and KIS are working in collaboration on the programme, which includes appreciation of classic and contemporary literature, application of linguistic knowledge, cultural-based learning (project), and whole-book reading.

It will be introduced in school from August 2019, and will be offered to students who would benefit from and be interested in a truly immersive learning experience in Mandarin. It will be challenging, stretching, but hugely rewarding.

KIS Founder and CEO Emily Ngan: “The implementation of the Kingston Chinese programme at ICHK will provide a strong Chinese syllabus to students who require a higher level of Chinese and a pathway for students to continue to develop their excellent Chinese language abilities. I am excited to see how the programme develops and the outcomes for our students.”

Kingston Principal Eliza Wong said: “I am incredibly proud of the Kingston Chinese Programme, the secondary-school level extension of which was developed by Kingston Vice Principal Fenwick Tong over the last three years. I am sure that the programme will be of great benefit to the students at ICHK and will be a great choice for students who would like to work towards a bilingual IB Diploma.”

ICHK Head of School Toby Newton said: “Language study is a key strength at ICHK, and we are proud of our strong language curriculum, led by an experienced and inspiring group of teachers. The new Kingston Chinese Programme will strengthen and enrich our offering even further. In our terms, language is perhaps one of the most fundamental human technologies, and providing a programme of this depth and scope genuinely revolutionizes learners’ opportunities to develop this dimension of their potential.”

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