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  1. Singapore Touch Rugby Tour 2018 Articles

    Charmaine Pilard and Rochelle Lok are Year 9 students

  2. Sports Kit Design Articles

    ICHK students have been busy designing sports kits which they hope will be selected for use in school. One of the new Deep Learning units offered this year was ‘Sports Kit Design’, led by sports enthusiast Richard Barnes. Over their...

  3. Sports Day Message Articles

    Raymond Chan is Director of Creativity: Deep Learning and Head of PE at ICHK.

  4. Sports Day Returns Articles

    We are delighted that the ICHK sports day is to return after a long absence caused by the pandemic.

  5. The Ninja Box - Experiential learning in the Human Technologies curriculum at ICHK Articles

    Phil Morgan is Director of Creativity, Head of Human Technologies at ICHK As a serious student of ‘Creative Thinking’, few things interest me more than the mental state that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi christened...

  6. Board of Governors

  7. Snow Sports Articles

    Another hugely successful snow sports trip has been enjoyed by ICHK families. A group of students, parents and staff visited the stunning Shiga Kogen area in Japan during the Chinese New Year break. This unique community trip has gone...

  8. Sports Day Medals Articles

    At ICHK, the annual sports day really is about so much more than winning. The event is aimed at drawing out and highlighting two values that our school holds to be vital, and which we try to develop in everything we do. Resilience is one...

  9. Snow Sports Trip Articles

    Another amazing snow sports trip has been enjoyed by ICHK families. A group of students, parents and staff visited the stunning Shiga Kogen area in Japan over the Chinese New Year break. This unique community trip has gone from strength...

  10. ICHK Sports Day Articles

    The ICHK sports day returned at the end of term.

  11. Graduation Speech 2023 Articles

    Year 13 Graduation Speech from Mikael Donnet, Charlotte Cheung and Ashley Wan

  12. Creating the conditions for long term success Articles

    Sean McDermott is Deputy Head of School at ICHK

  13. Sport is a great metaphor for life which is why, we believe, it's an invaluable tool for education Articles

    Raymond Chan is Director of Creativity: Deep Learning, Head of PE

  14. Deep Learning Studies Articles

    Another amazing two days of Deep Learning have been enjoyed, after last month’s programme was cut short by bad weather. Students completed their studies into a range of creative units, including food and culture, pottery, climbing,...

  15. Sharing Ideas and Expertise Articles

    ICHK joined other Hong Kong schools for a makers event.

  16. How a Growth Mindset Helped to conquer the sport of polo Articles

    Jon Rees is a teacher of English, Human Technologies and Theory of Knowledge at ICHK In the last 11 months, Jon Rees took up the challenge of learning to ride a horse so that he could participate in the first ever Hong Kong Polo...

  17. End of Term 1 Assembly and Award Ceremony Address Articles

    Seasoned listeners are likely to recognise some of the themes that I am touching on. Indeed, hard-core fans might recall the material I am drawing on from previous Christmas assemblies, because, well, it’s Christmas, and proper...

  18. Snow Sports in Japan Articles

    ICHK students, staff and families have enjoyed a wonderful snow sports excursion to Japan. A large group from school spent the Chinese New Year break in the stunning Shiga Kogen area, learning how to ski and snowboard, sampling new food...

  19. The workplace is changing fast - this is how and why Articles

    Sean McDermott is Deputy Head of School at ICHK and writes for The Future Learning Project One of the key reasons why The Future Learning Project exists is because of the gap between how rapidly the world is changing when compared with...

  20. The Chinese Written Language and its Capacity to Communicate Wisdom across the Centuries ...and the Challenges Faced in Translation Articles

    Jon Rees is a Teacher of English and Theory of Knowledge at ICHK.

  21. Angus Li Articles

  22. It’s not just about the winning Articles

    Raymond Chan is Head of PE and Activities at ICHK Recently, as you may know, ICHK took part in a schools touch rugby tournament.  One of the girls jokingly pointed out that since we organised the event we could invite only teams that we...

  23. Beyond the Curriculum

    Our Curriculum X Activities Programme.

  24. ICHK Inspires Young Sporting Stars Articles

    ICHK staff and students have been helping to inspire the next generation of sporting stars in Hong Kong. A team from school visited the Hong Kong Sports Institute, the territory’s centre of sporting excellence and home to Hong Kong’s...

  25. Deep Learning Articles

    An amazing day of Deep Learning was enjoyed this week, before the programme was cut short by the weather. Students began their studies into a range of creative units, with Year 7s continuing their PERMA unit, focusing on wellbeing and...

  26. Information Technology

  27. Human Technologies Learning Articles

    Year 7 students have been exploring technologies for collaboration and teamwork through games. The students took part in a new game to build a strand of DNA, as part of Technologies for being a Human Animal. They developed their problem...

  28. Our Story

    At ICHK learning is at the heart of everything we do: students, staff, parents, collectively learning together.

  29. Human Technologies at ICHK Articles

    The second of the OECD’s “transversal conclusions” resonates so strongly with our approaches to education at ICHK that I would like to continue to explore it here in this second part of this piece. In the first part, I...

  30. Can We Stop Software From Eating School? Articles

    Ross Parker is Director of Technology and Assessment at ICHK In 2011, Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and co-founder of the venerable Netscape, observed that “software is eating the world”. His observation was intended to reflect the...

  31. Human Technologies - Metacognition in Action Articles

    Phil Morgan is Director of Creativity: Innovation and Teacher of Human Technologies at ICHK “I used to think the brain was the most fascinating part of the human body, then I realised…Hey! Look what’s telling me that”! Emo Phillips...

  32. Deep Learning Returns Articles

    A very memorable three days of Deep Learning have been experienced by students.

  33. Curriculum

    Deep, meaningful learning occurs where the best possible teachers and passionate students meet as partners in education.

  34. Shredding school Articles

    Ben Blain is Head of Year 7 and Teacher of Physical Education at ICHK Any parent who has sent their child on ICHK’s annual Snowsports trip will have become used to receiving the nightly email telling the story of each day. Among...

  35. Why and how we promote sport at ICHK Articles

    One of the advantages of being a small school is that all our students have a real opportunity to take part in the full range of sporting activities that a school has to offer.  A good number of our students will have been on teams...

  36. Why and how we promote sport at ICHK Articles

    Toby Newton is Head of School at ICHK One of the advantages of being a small school is that all our students have a real opportunity to take part in the full range of sporting activities that a school has to offer. A good number of our...

  37. A Human Technologies Insight into U14 Girls Football Articles

    Jon Rees, along with his other roles at ICHK, coaches the U14 girls football team.

  38. End of Term 2 Assembly and Award Ceremony Address Articles

    The assembly at the end of Term 2 is always a bittersweet affair. It is the final occasion on which we share a whole school event with our Year 13 students.

  39. Deep Learning at ICHK Articles

    Ray Chan is Head of PE, Activities & Deep Learning at ICHK As I reflect upon the year, my mind naturally tends towards the Deep Learning programme that we have initiated this year.  As the coordinator of this programme, I feel...

  40. Deep Learning Articles

    ICHK’s pioneering Deep Learning is officially underway. After a successful pilot last term, students are now fully engaged in the study programme, which is aimed at encouraging independence, motivation, enjoyment and depth in learning....

  41. Space Invader Articles

    This is a mosaic, made by Art Teacher Amy Thibeault in September 2018, of an alien from the video game ‘Space Invader’, and is based upon the work of the eponymous artist. It was created as part of a Deep Learning unit which combined the...

  42. Secondary Taster Day Articles

    Year 6 students enjoyed an exciting snapshot of learning at ICHK Secondary. A packed schedule of taster lessons was put together for them, including Science, Human Technologies, English and Drama. They were given a tour of the campus by...

  43. Touch Rugby Success Articles

    Congratulations to our senior touch rugby team, the Egrets, on winning the division 2 championship. After a rocky start to the summer league, the team, which is made up of students and staff members, made huge improvements. Facing some...

  44. End of Term 1 Assembly and Awards Ceremony Address Articles

    What a pleasure it is to be able to assemble once again in person to mark the end of a challenging but ultimately rewarding term.

  45. The Little Museum of the World Articles

    Two of our Human Technologies teachers were very lucky to be invited to preview 'The Little History of the World'.

  46. Basketball Champions Articles

    Congratulations to our U14 boys basketball team, who have been crowned champions.

  47. Outdoor Learning

    ICHK is located in the beautiful New Territories, providing students with unrivalled opportunities for outdoor learning.

  48. Learning on the slopes Articles

    A hugely successful ski trip has been enjoyed by ICHK families . A group of students, parents and staff visited Shiga Kogen, near Nagano in Japan. They enjoyed winter sports, as well as cultural excursions and the opportunities to enjoy...

  49. End of Term 3 Assembly and Awards Ceremony Address Articles

    Let me start with a quote. This quote, I know, is one of Mr Parker’s favourites. It’s a good quote and, like pretty much any good quote, is the tip of an iceberg.

  50. Banned Books Articles

    Jon Rees is a Teacher of English at ICHK It’s strange to think that the book you hold in your hand could be deemed so explosive that both the writer and the reader could be thrown into jail for its possession. Some of the most...

  51. Christmas celebrations Articles

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at ICHK. Celebrations are well underway at both schools. A week of festive concerts is being staged at the kindergarten and primary school, including a community celebration in the Hong Lok...

  52. Top Ten Tips for Teaching in a Crisis Articles

    Douglas Kidd is Director of Out of Class and Experiential Education at ICHK. Introduction These ideas are offered as the result of our experience in International College Hong Kong, a private not-for-profit secondary school. Hong Kong...

  53. Year 10 Internship, Animal Conservation Articles

    Jason, Ian, Kotone, Wayne and Raniya are Year 10 students at ICHK

  54. Third Annual Science Fair – Head of School’s Address Articles

    Those of you with long and faultless memories may recall that last year I used the occasion of the Science Fair to reflect on the nature of tradition and to confirm what a privilege it was to be playing a part, if only a presiding one,...

  55. Free Learning

    A pedagogical approach where students chart their own learning through a varied map of challenges and experiences.

  56. Escaping The Factory School Articles

    There are a number of well-established, even taken-for granted, features of school structure and organisation that seriously hold back education, particularly at secondary level. In each case, they are quite clearly inadequate, even...

  57. Vincent de Bont Articles

    Vincent de Bont is studying Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He says that he flourished after joining ICHK.

  58. Jonathan Yim Articles

    Jonathan spent seven years at ICHK and attained a maximum IB score of 45 points. He is now studying at St Andrew’s University.

  59. Volleyball News Articles

    It has been a good week for our volleyball teams.

  60. Sporting Success Articles

    Students have been celebrating sporting success this week.

  61. Graduation Speech Articles

    Brandon Lung’s Year 13 graduation speech

  62. Charlotte Cheung Articles

  63. Partnerships

    ICHK is very proud of its strong educational partnerships.

  64. Guiding Statements

    At ICHK learning is at the heart of everything we do: students, teachers, administrators, leaders, individually and collectively learning together.

  65. Physical Education

  66. Our Students

  67. The world of work changes. And schools? Articles

    In a recent bulletin I linked to an article in Magenta, with the suggestion that: Those interested in understanding how our world is changing with the development of more sophisticated and pervasive digital technologies might find this...

  68. Making school fit for its 21st century purpose Articles

    Toby Newton is Head of School at ICHK. This was his greeting to the ICHK community in the Winter newsletter. The year started with the news that we have been included in Cambridge University’s list of the 100 most innovative schools...

  69. Plastic Pollution Campaign Articles

    We are proud to announce a major drive against plastic pollution at our school. From next term, we are aiming to completely cut out all single use plastics, as we raise awareness of sustainable living at our primary school. It follows a...

  70. Ability, capacity and capability Articles

    Ability, capacity and capability – the difference between them and why, in respect of all three, (most) schools ask and answer the wrong questions. Gathered in the school yard at the heart of the school campus are a class of...

  71. Learning through observation and pitching in Articles

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the power of habit in our lives, and the difficulty we face in trying to change habits once they have become firmly embedded in thought and action. Picking up good habits and dropping bad ones should...

  72. Year 9 Consultancy Articles

    ICT students are acting as real life consultants under a pioneering new study unit. Year 9 students are turning their classroom learning into real world experience, by pitching their ICT skills to a client looking to make better use of...

  73. The Key Is Motivation Articles

    Ross Parker is Technology Director, and teachs ICT, at ICHK HLY & Secondary. For those of us who received our formal education in the last millennium, we will most likely recall learning that was highly structured and prescribed....

  74. Students Achieve World Rugby Honours Articles

    Two ICHK students are celebrating world rugby success. Kelsie Bouttle and Clare Coey were part of the winning team at the inaugural Asia Rugby U18 Girls Sevens Championship in Dubai. Teams from all over Asia including Kazakhstan, UAE and...

  75. The Legacy Challenge Award Articles

    Brendan Lee is a Year 6 Teacher at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, and runs the Legacy Challenge Award. “It is time to make your mark. Your contribution. It is time to leave a legacy. Your legacy. It’s your time.” James Kerr The Legacy Challenge...

  76. Egrets Touch Vest Articles

    This kit was first designed in 2013 in conjunction with the student players and has been the uniform worn by most senior Touch Rugby players at ICHK ever since. The Egret was suggested as a mascot due to the many Egrets that can be...

  77. What Does ICHK Stand For? Articles

    Jamie Holden is a Teacher of Mathematics and Outdoor Pursuits Coordinator at ICHK I had just completed a PSHE session with my Year 7 form group and the outcome was too powerful not to share. We had been asked ito share a message with our...

  78. Re-framing grief and growing through loss Articles

    Phil Morgan is Director of Creativity and Human Technologies Teacher at ICHK School counsellor Christy Tsui and I recently had the opportunity to work with the London-based, co-creative collective a voluntary group of media...

  79. University Offers Articles

    University offers are arriving for our Year 13 students.

  80. Music Learning Articles

    Year 7 students are enjoying the latest round of their Arts Carousel programme.

  81. Sustainability at ICHK Articles

    Jon Rees is Sustainability Coordinator at ICHK

  82. Music Studies Articles

    Students are enjoying a wonderful programme of music at school.

  83. Deep Learning Round 4 Articles

    Another amazing round of Deep Learning has been enjoyed by students.

  84. Ross Parker Articles

  85. DL 5 Articles

    Another amazing round of Deep Learning has been enjoyed by students.

  86. Congratulations to our Touch Rugby Teams Articles

    Congratulations to ICHK Gold for taking first place in their division and to ICHK Silvers for a well deserved second.

  87. Angela Chung Articles

  88. Volleyball Triple Champions Articles

    Our U14 Volleyball boys won their championship this week, joining the U16s and U20s in a triple victory.

  89. Felix Olesen Articles

  90. English

  91. Active Engagement and the Curriculum Articles

    In their review of the lessons that should be drawn from latest research in the learning sciences, the OECD list seven “transversal” conclusions that, they insist, should be the hallmark of the 21st century learning environment, but...

  92. Student Achievement, Adaptive Expertise and the 5+1 Model Articles

    Since 2013, we have adopted what we call the 5+1 Model at ICHK. Based on the insights of five thinkers working in education and beyond, but taking its inspiration more widely, the 5+1 Model gives guidance to our teachers about how best...

  93. Creating a Culture of Cooperation Articles

    In their review of current best practice in education, as informed by recent research in the learning sciences, the OECD draws this second “transversal conclusion”: Once again, this speaks directly to our 5+1 model, in not just one...

  94. Resilient Students Race for Good Causes Articles

    ICHK is celebrating an incredible weekend of sporting success. Our resilient students took part in two of Hong Kong’s biggest youth events – the 24 Hour Race and Team Fear. Secondary students took part in the 24 Hour Race, running...

  95. What is school for? Articles

    Victoria Lee is Head of English at ICHK What is school for? This is a question that became a focus point for a Year 7 English group this Thursday. It wasn’t part of the plan, but sometimes some of the most interesting and memorable...

  96. The Human Technologies Test Articles

    Those familiar with ICHK know that Human Technologies is a programme of study that we have developed over the past five years and which students from Year 7 to 10 follow each week. The course teaches that what makes humans so effective...

  97. SOCO summer camp Articles

    SOCO students enjoyed a fun-filled summer camp at ICHK this weekend. More than 25 students from the Society for Community Organisation visited us for a day of activities on Saturday. Students from our secondary and primary schools joined...

  98. Touch Rugby Success Articles

    Congratulations to ICHK’s touch rugby teams, who collected two silvers and a bronze medal in the playoff finals of the ISSFHK Touch League. For the first time we saw all four of our teams reach the semi final stage with our two senior...

  99. SOCO camp at ICHK Articles

    SOCO students enjoyed a fun-filled camp at ICHK this weekend. A total of 27 students from the Society for Community Organisation visited us for two day of activities on Friday and Saturday. Senior students worked tirelessly to organise...

  100. Plastic Free ICHK Articles

    We are proud to announce that ICHK is competing for a prestigious Hong Kong Green School Award. We are bidding for this year’s ‘NO Disposables Campus Award,’ after a major drive to reduce plastics at school this term. Vending machines...

  101. SoCO Camp at ICHK Articles

    SoCO students enjoyed an amazing summer camp at school, experiencing an intense and captivating 24 hour insight into everything that makes ICHK unique. Students from the Society for Community Organisation visited us for a packed schedule...

  102. ICHK House Events Articles

    ICHK’s first new house events brought the whole school together for a fantastic afternoon of community spirit and fun. Every student was involved in a range of events, either by taking part, helping to run, acting as referees, or...

  103. The good enough school and the good enough student Articles

    The ‘good enough’ school is a primary school and not a secondary school; while the good enough student is a secondary student and not a primary student. Embedded in this only apparently gnomic statement is a vital lesson in how to...

  104. Volleyball Success Articles

    The ICHK volleyball success story continues, with our U20s team embarking on another new challenge. After an amazing journey which saw our boys team winning the ISSFHK League last term, they have now joined the very competitive HKSSF...

  105. Deep Learning at ICHK Articles

    Another amazing two days of Deep Learning have been enjoyed by students. The launch of this term’s programme saw students engaged in a yet another incredible range of new and creative study units. Our students began their explorations of...

  106. Party in the Park Articles

    Another amazing day was celebrated at ICHK , with our annual Party in the Park. Families, friends and alumni gathered together to enjoy a host of entertainment, shopping, delicious food and wonderful company. Hundreds of people joined us...

  107. Touch Rugby Articles

    The ICHK U14s girls touch squad played some amazing rugby at the Pan Pacific All Schools Touch Tournament in Singapore. Our Year 12 coaches have been training with the 21-strong team for the past few months, bringing novices and...

  108. The ICHK QR Trail Articles

    A new QR trail for the trees and plants around ICHK is being developed as part of our innovative outdoor learning programme. Our outdoor education team has been working on the project over recent weeks, with all codes linking to a...

  109. Deep Learning + Week Articles

    Another fantastic week of outdoor learning has been enjoyed – this time by our Year 8 students. The students completed a week of activities with Asia Pacific Adventures, exploring the natural world, trying new things and learning to...

  110. Human Technologies Learning Articles

    The stunning surroundings of our school have been inspiring students of Human Technologies students. Year 8s have been looking at religion as both a spiritual and a social technology. They were given the opportunity to think deeply about...

  111. Meet the SRC Articles

    We are pleased to present this year’s Student Representative Council. The Student Representative Council represents students, and plans and runs activities and events that foster togetherness, community and school spirit. There is...

  112. Deep Learning Articles

    An amazing three days of Deep Learning have been enjoyed by students. The return of our innovative programme saw them engaged in an incredible range of new and creative study units. Students from Years 7-9 completed studies into food and...

  113. Outdoor Expeditions Articles

    ICHK students have been scaling the summits during outdoor expeditions. Hikes have been held by groups of senior students. Students in Year 10 are beginning their work towards the Hong Kong Award for Young People. A small number of...

  114. Kelsie Bouttle Articles

    Kelsie Bouttle spent seven years at ICHK, and has represented Hong Kong for rugby. She is studying Medicine at the University of Queensland.

  115. Selene Lee Articles

    Selene Lee spent six years at ICHK and is currently studying at Central Saint Martins.

  116. Ignorance and Want: How they can be combated by a reconfiguration of school Articles

    As a child, I did what I imagine many children do at Christmas or during similar festivals that come to represent an opportunity for magic in their lives. I invented traditions. Tradition is a marvelous technology for intensifying...

  117. Technologies for Teamwork Articles

    Year 8s enjoyed a virtual scavenger hunt this week, developing their teamwork and communication skills in the virtual classroom.

  118. Graduation Speech: Class of 2022 Articles

    Class of 2022, I am genuinely delighted to be able to join you for this occasion.

  119. Touch Rugby Resumes Articles

    Our touch rugby teams have resumed games.

  120. End of Year Assembly and Awards Ceremony Address Articles

    First and foremost, I would like to congratulate everyone in the ICHK community for having made it through to the end of term 3 and the end of the year. It has been an extraordinary 12 months and, I am confident in saying, a year that...

  121. Graduation Assembly: Head of School's Address Articles

    Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021. For students to have reached this point in their learning journey is always worthy of celebration – in case you haven’t noticed, you have left school! Yes, that’s it, you’re no longer...

  122. Nicolas Arriaga Articles

  123. Sean McDermott Articles

  124. Solving the Rubik's Cube of School Articles

    Kenny Ng's Year 13 valedictorian speech

  125. Gardening Project Articles

    Gardening has taken root as an activity offered both to students in the +1 Centre, as well as during Tuesday activity time.

  126. A Hive of Activity in the Library Articles

    The library has been a hive of quiet and focused activity both during lesson times and break times as we have welcomed back older students and had the pleasure of meeting new ones.

  127. Dynasty Football Articles

    The ICHK Champions League 2024 was an exciting day of football and fun, with a large number of students participating to represent their respective houses and teams.

  128. Admissions Info

  129. Human Technologies Experiences Articles

    Students across the year groups have enjoyed hands-on experiences in Human Technologies this week.

  130. Deep Learning Experiences Articles

    An amazing round of Deep Learning has been enjoyed by students this week.

  131. Wisdom and Schooling Articles

    Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? From “The Rock” by TS Eliot Reflect for a moment on this entry from Wikipedia: “Homo sapiens...

  132. Deep Learning is Underway Articles

    The latest round of ICHK’s pioneering Deep Learning programme is underway. An incredible series of new and creative learning experiences was launched today. Students are learning about artificial intelligence, the Hong Kong coastline,...

  133. Woodwork Skills Articles

    Year 6 students have been developing their woodwork skills, building freestanding towers that stand 4 metres tall. They have been learning how to use woodworking tools under the guidance of outdoor educators Ho Mei Chau and Tiffany Au....

  134. Science

  135. Transitions

    The ICHK Transitions course is an innovative programme which supports Year 7 students with their move to secondary school.

  136. Our Teachers

    “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

  137. Wellbeing & Community

    At ICHK student well-being is at the very centre of school life.

  138. Innovation

    ICHK is a community of innovation, which is attracting global attention for its cutting edge approaches to learning. Over recent years we have seen a rapid increase in international interest in our innovations, programmes and curricula.

  139. The Complexity of Learning Articles

    As part of my role as Head of School, I intend to get into the habit of writing occasional but regular blogs that provide the community with a chance to connect with the thinking behind the ways in which we approach schooling at ICHK....

  140. International Schools Survey Articles

    We are delighted to report that ICHK has scored exceptionally well in the International Schools Survey 2016. Parents at 53 schools across Hong Kong were asked for their opinions and their overall satisfaction of International Schools....

  141. Individual Differences and the Learning Environment Articles

    Perhaps the most effective way of exploring how ICHK aligns with the fourth of OECD’s transversal conclusions is to step outside of the South East Asian educational environment for a moment and to invoke the principles that have...

  142. The Non-Mystery of Examination Inflation Articles

    Coming from the UK and working in secondary education, I have grown accustomed to the annual media storm that centers on the release of the IGCSE and A Level results in the late summer. It’s a perennial British pantomime of which,...

  143. Inspiring Teachers Articles

    ICHK teachers are being featured in a worldwide round-up of inspiring educators from around the world. Juliette Perchais visited the school, as part of a 10 month around-the-world trip to meet and learn from passionate teachers. The 29...

  144. CAS Week Adventure Challenge Articles

    Ray Chan and Chris Holland are the ICHK teachers who led the challenge. The 2017 CAS Week Adventure Challenge lived up to its name and then some this year. Undoubtedly, the week has been extremely tough which led Aoi to remark one...

  145. Complexity for school, and life Articles

    When I came to compose this speech, I found myself drawn back to the entry that I had recently written for this year’s Yearbook. I realise that, at the moment, my thinking is being dominated by the significance of complexity for school...

  146. The art of growing up Articles

    Ross Parker is Director of Technology, Pedagogy & Assessment at ICHK The process of becoming an adult is one of life’s main preoccupations: it takes a long time, and requires the investment of a considerable amount of personal,...

  147. Tree Bathing: a human technology Articles

    One of the advantages of ICHK’s Human Technologies approach is that it finds a proper place in school for many activities that the mainstream curriculum neglects or ignores. HT suggests that we can support our growth and sense of...

  148. Award Certificate Articles

    Nothing in school is innocent – everything carries meaning, sends a message and teaches a lesson. The ways in which we talk to each other on a day to day basis, the frames of mind we bring to transactions, the attitudes we adopt to...

  149. Volleyball Champions Articles

    Our volleyball players are celebrating an incredible week. Our U16 Boys Volleyball players were named champions in the ISSFHK League. They beat Australian International School 2-0 and then the host team Singapore International School...

  150. ICHK Documentary Launched Articles

    An amazing documentary film created by ICHK students has been launched by Wildstars TV. The ‘Save Agar Trees’ production was researched, filmed and edited by Log C Cheng, Liz Onuselogu and Naiara Gómez Guitérrez during CAS+ Week. The...

  151. Another memorable day at ICHK Articles

    A fantastic day was enjoyed with the House Basketball tournament and school dance. The entire school moved out into the front courts to compete, support and cheer to their hearts’ content. The tournament was the biggest and best...

  152. The Shift from Student to Staff Member Articles

    Harry Merrett is an ICT Assistant at ICHK As you go through secondary school, people are going to start telling you about a magical place called university. This applies doubly if you don’t like school very much. They’ll tell you it’s...

  153. SoCO Camp Articles

    SoCO students have enjoyed a wonderful beach camp led by ICHK students. A total of 21 children from the Society for Community Organisation took part in the event at Sai Wan Beach in Sai Kung. SoCO works on behalf of some of the most...

  154. Drama Spectaculars Articles

    Incredible drama productions have been performed at primary and secondary this week. The classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast was brought to life in spectacular style at our primary school. Year 6 students staged an end-of-term...

  155. Learning in Xi'an Articles

    A group of CAS Week students spent the week experiencing the spectacular surroundings of historical Xi’an. Their packed itinerary took in many sites of cultural interest and scenic beauty, including the World Heritage listed Terracotta...

  156. The Guilin Adventure Articles

    Dave Addis is an Experiential Educator at ICHK So, what happens when a group of nine Yr8 and 9 boys are given the task of leading themselves around southern China? During December’s Deep Learning, a team of boys were given a 5-day...

  157. Preparing for a new term Articles

    We’re counting down to the start of the new school year. Our online learning programmes have been finalised, based on extensive experience from the past year, and best practice from around the world. Across Kindergarten. Primary and...

  158. Bouldering Routes Articles

    Over the past term, Year 7s have been benefiting from the creative talents of a Year 10 bouldering route setter. Isaac Low has been working hard to set new routes on the ICHK Secondary school bouldering wall. This is creative work, but...

  159. Deep Learning Showcase Articles

    ICHK’s pioneering Deep Learning programme is to be showcased at a flagship educational conference. Director of Creativity: Deep Learning and Head of PE Raymond Chan will be presenting at the 21CLHK/GELS online conference. He will be...

  160. High-Stakes Mistakes: Adventures in CrowdFunding Articles

    Phil Morgan is Director of Creativity: Innovation and Teacher of Human Technologies at ICHK While most sensible people welcomed the Christmas Holiday as a chance to relax and unwind, I did the exact opposite and launched a Kickstarter...

  161. Easter Assembly Address Articles

    Last week I was chatting with a friend about a job interview he had recently been through after applying for a senior position at an international school in eastern Europe. For some employers, job interviews are subject to a kind of arms...

  162. Tennis Lessons Articles

    Our younger students are enjoying tennis sessions, as we start to offer more sporting opportunities after the disruptions of the past year. Year 7 and 8 students are all taking part in a morning of tennis coaching at the Hong Lok Yuen...

  163. Transitions Workshop Articles

    A special workshop was staged for Year 6 students , as part of a support programme as they prepare for secondary school. ICHK Secondary’s well-being educator and counsellor Christy Tsui, Head of Year 7 Ben Blain and Deputy Head of Year 7...

  164. Rooftop Pitch Articles

    Students at ICHK Secondary have started using our new rooftop pitch this week. Over the summer holidays, the roof top area of B block was transformed into an astro-turf pitch, surrounded by protective barriers. It is now being used as a...

  165. Why not 50+1? Articles

    In September 2015, ICHK Secondary adopted the 5+1 Model. As its name suggests, 5+1 is a way of conceptually modelling students in order to support them better as learners in the school environment. Again, as the name suggests, it has...

  166. Katrina Cranfield Articles

    Katrina Cranfield spent seven years at ICHK and says the school was transformative for her.

  167. Sanika Kulkarni Articles

    Sanika Kulkarni says the wealth of experiences she was exposed to at ICHK have given her the confidence to embrace new challenges.

  168. Curriculum X Activities Articles

    A range of exciting learning opportunities is being offered to students during Curriculum X time.

  169. Approaches to Learning Articles

    Relationships are the cornerstone of performance at school. They will look different in every instance, because, as we well know from daily experience, the ‘chemistry’ between individuals is always subject to many diverse...

  170. IB English Studies Articles

    Students of IB English have been working on developing their skills of textual analysis.

  171. Hong Kong Young Writers Award Articles

    Congratulations to the +1 Centre students who have been successful in the prestigious Hong Kong Young Writers Award.

  172. Chinese Learning Articles

    Year 8 students of Chinese have been taking part in a topical debate.

  173. End of Term 2 Assembly and Awards Ceremony Address Articles

    The assembly at the end of Term 2 is always a bittersweet affair. I deliver it knowing that the next time I speak to the whole school community, some of the students who join us this afternoon will have moved on from ICHK Secondary.

  174. Human Technologies Studies Articles

    Year 9s have been exploring psychodynamic concepts through our ground-breaking Human Technologies curriculum.

  175. iNaturalist City Nature Challenge Articles

    Students became citizen scientists last week as part of the iNaturalist City Nature Challenge.

  176. Excellent IB Results Articles

    We are delighted to announce another set of excellent IB results, which demonstrate the growth of our students as learners.

  177. Wild Science Training Articles

    Senior students have started working towards their Outdoor Leadership Awards.

  178. A Barefoot Hiker’s Guide to the MacLehose Trail Articles

    Saie Ryu Lee is a Learning Support Assistant at ICHK Inspiration: I was heavily inspired by British barefoot running enthusiast, Tony Riddle’s personal challenge of running the length of the UK completely barefoot in 30 days. His life...

  179. Spanish Role Play Awards Articles

    It has been a very successful half term for students of Spanish.

  180. Second Annual Science Fair - Head of School's Address Articles

    Thank you parents, students and staff for attending our second annual Science Fair. My intention over the next five minutes or so is to explain briefly why I believe that this evening’s event is such a significant one in our school’s...

  181. An education in being a stronger, better version of yourself. Articles

    An interrupted wet and windy Deep Learning Plus week may have provided some additional logistical challenges to what was already a complex organisational picture, but it also produced a new candidate for my favourite Deep Learning...

  182. Touch Rugby Tournament Articles

    The ICHK Dynasty Touch Rugby Competition was a huge success.

  183. Festive Cheer Articles

    A programme of Christmas activities is underway thanks to the SRC.

  184. Courage in the Learning Zone Articles

    In this post, I would like to discuss the thinking behind the second of our termly awards: Courage in the Learning Zone.

  185. Grand Champions Articles

    ICHK is celebrating reclaiming the Grand Champions touch rugby title.

  186. More Touch Rugby Success Articles

    ICHK students are celebrating more touch rugby success.

  187. ISSFHK Cross Country Championships Articles

    Well done to the ICHK students who competed in the ISSFHK Cross Country Championships.

  188. Grand Champions Trophy Articles

    At the end of 2022, ICHK reclaimed the Grand Champions touch rugby title for the third time in its history.

  189. ICHK Makes the News Again Articles

    ICHK is delighted to be making the headlines for our fundraising efforts for Operation Santa Claus.

  190. Raymond Chan Articles

  191. Alex Hall Articles

  192. Liam Greenall Articles

  193. Clean Up Operation Articles

    Students embarked on a major clean-up operation as part of their work at the Starling Inlet.

  194. Water Safety Articles

    Year 7 students are taking part in water safety days, which have been specially designed by our outdoor educators.

  195. Monthly Reading Challenge Articles

    Students are continuing to expand their reading horizons with monthly reading challenges.

  196. Graduation Speech: Class of 2023 Articles

    After a lifetime spent delving into the complexities of the human psyche, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung was convinced of the reality of what he termed the collective unconscious.

  197. Spanish Excursion Articles

    Students of Spanish enjoyed a wonderful language and culture day in Lammas.

  198. Health and Enrichment and Flow Articles

    Toby Newton is Head of School and Ross Parker is Director of Technology and Assessment at ICHK

  199. End of Term 3 Assembly and Award Ceremony Address Articles

    Welcome, one and all, to the end of year assembly 2022-23.

  200. Outdoor Leadership Training Articles

    Year 10 students have started working towards their Outdoor Leadership Awards.

  201. Year 7 Transitions Articles

    Year 7 students are beginning their training to become ‘happy, confident, intelligent warriors’, as part of their Transitions course.

  202. Exploring Fire Technologies Articles

    In their introduction to Human Technologies, our Year 7 students have kicked off with our Ground Zero unit.

  203. Cherie Chan Articles

  204. The Happening Articles

    Year 7 students enjoyed a wonderful event at school, aimed at uniting them as a community of learners.

  205. ICHK Named in New Book Articles

    We are very pleased that ICHK has been named in a recent book by an eminent professor of education.

  206. Dynasty Touch Rugby Articles

    The Dynasty Touch Rugby Competition was a huge success.

  207. U20 Volleyball Champions Articles

    Congratulations to our U20 volleyballers who were crowned league champions .

  208. Christmas Fair Articles

    Students enjoyed a wonderful Christmas fair at the end of term.

  209. Charity Fundraiser Articles

    A carnival at school has raised $18,000 for charity.

  210. New Bike Fleet Articles

    ICHK has recently acquired a brand-new fleet of bicycles to enrich our students' learning experiences and empower them to explore the world around them in a more independent and eco-friendly manner.

  211. ICHK Hits the Headlines Articles

    ICHK is delighted to be making the headlines for our fundraising efforts for Operation Santa Claus.

  212. Deep Learning Articles

    Another amazing day of Deep Learning has been enjoyed by ICHK secondary students. They made their way around Hong Kong for the second day of the innovative programme. They travelled to sites of historical and cultural interest, navigated...

  213. Caelan Hermans Articles

    Caelan Hermans spent seven years at ICHK and is studying at the Victoria University of Wellington.

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