International College Hong Kong
Nov 19, 2023

Volleyball Triple Champions

Our U14 Volleyball boys won their championship, joining the U16s and U20s in a triple victory.

The players emerging as champions in their playoff against KGV in the ISSFHK Volleyball Competition.

This is a milestone of great significance for ICHK Volleyball, as all three age groups of the boys' team have now secured championship titles. It serves as a testament to the collective hard work, dedication, and team spirit exhibited by the players.

The volleyball journey began a decade ago when it was introduced as one of our Tuesday activities. Around seven years ago, we formed our first girls' and boys' teams, and at that time we struggled to win even a single set in the ISSFHK Volleyball competition.

Thanks to the unwavering commitment and dedication of a group of former students, we secured our first banner in the ISSFHK U16 Boys Silver Division 1 Volleyball in 2018-19.

Inspired by the positive examples set by these boys, the younger players learned that hard work and dedication are indispensable for enjoying volleyball as a sport. Now, our players are often found practising in any spare moment on our outdoor volleyball court whether it’s break times, during Free Learning, EnF, or after school.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic over the past three years, our players persevered and practised as a team whenever possible, adhering to the various restrictions.

Their efforts have paid off, as they have emerged victorious, earning banners and gold medals in their respective age groups this year.

Throughout this journey, the players have learned that while winning is one of the goals in competitive team sports like volleyball, it is never the sole focus. Striving towards this goal is important, but equally it is the process through which they have had to work hard to enhance their skills, overcome obstacles, and develop bonds of resilience and determination that will serve them not only on the volleyball court but in life generally. Most importantly, players learn to improve the way they communicate with their teammates, and opponents, in a positive and constructive manner.

Our thanks to Scarlette Leung who has been instrumental to the school’s success in this area and has been a superb role model for boys and girls at ICHK. We are pleased that with Scarlette leading this sport, the story of ICHK Volleyball carries on and she promises that our players will work diligently, improve as athletes and continue to develop their character.

Special thanks also to Raymond Chan for his continuous support over the years and efforts to make this year’s playoffs, which were originally scheduled during our DL+ week; Mr Vincent Wang for his time and support on the Volleyball teams and beginners group.

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