International College Hong Kong
Nov 19, 2023

Starling Inlet Project

ICHK’s unique citizen science project took a step forward this week.

Lab and field days were held, as part of a major data cataloguing programme at the Starling Inlet.

Year 8 students have been collecting and testing water samples from the many streams flowing into the body of water on the school’s doorstep, Starling Inlet.

They have been recording their findings in a new database, the Starling Inlet Almanac, as part of the development of a long-standing relationship between the school and its immediate environment.

The project was inspired by the work of hermit scientists who keep detailed logs in their locality, which are providing invaluable insights into climate patterns.

By collecting samples twice a year, students will be able to catalogue the health of the estuary and make important contributions to environmental work.

Other Year 8 students have also been participating by collecting plastic pollution along the coast, and then sorting, counting and recording the quantity and types of waste into the school’s database. This information also contributes to global research conducted by the Ocean Conservancy on plastic waste.

Our Science and Outdoor departments are leading the long term initiative, guiding the students as they develop as citizen scientists.

It has been embedded into the Science curriculum, meaning that all Year 8 and 9 students will spend time collecting data. They will transition from learners to mentors as they move through the school, with the data being used by senior students in research, and providing valuable insights into climate patterns.

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