International College Hong Kong
Nov 26, 2023

Chinese Debating Team

Students won the first round in an inter-school Chinese debating competition.

A team is participating in the 8th United Cup Mandarin Debating Competition with other international schools, and emerged as winners against CAIS at Pui Kiu College.

Students overcame their nerves and thanks to good coordination and preparation, they delivered a superb performance.

Team members took part in a debate entitled: “Should idols be held responsible for fans’ bad behavour?”

Debates are regularly held in Chinese lessons and during Tuesday activities, to help students develop their public speaking skills.

We commend the debaters on all their effort and hard work and we wish them well for the next round against Li Po Chun World United College.

A special thank you to Chinese teacher Vincent Wang, whose assistance enabled all the students to have a comprehensive understanding, preparation and structure of the debate topic.

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