International College Hong Kong
Nov 14, 2022

Touch Rugby Tournament

The ICHK Dynasty Touch Rugby Competition was a huge success.

More than 160 students from all year groups took part in the event at King’s Park, reflecting our school’s commitment to inclusion and participation.

It was a glorious day and congratulations are awarded to Song for winning the tournament.

ICHK has a very strong touch rugby programme, and as well as exposure to competition, it helps to develop leadership skills, as students act as coaches and mentors. Most importantly, the programme helps our students develop a sense of fair play and the pride that is associated with playing sport and representing the school.

At ICHK success is not simply measured by medals and trophies. A key aim is to have as many students as possible representing the school for sport.

This is down to a belief that sport is about growth and development for all our students and not just a small minority of those who are the best or for those who already have an inclination towards it. In PE we ask all our students to think and act like sportsmen and women.

We are particularly happy to introduce players of all ages to the joys of representing the school in competitive sport.

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