International College Hong Kong
Nov 21, 2022

Climbing the Barren Rock

Year 8 students are developing resilience during rock climbing excursions.

The students are all climbing the ‘Monkey Buttress’ crag near Braemar Hill and hiking to the summit of Red Incense Burner Hill.

In doing so, they are investigating the technology of naming places and its various uses in expressing culture.

The excursions have been arranged by the outdoor education team, with links to Human Technologies classes. The students have been sharing stories behind their own names, including the meanings and etymological histories.

The outings have provided a great opportunity for students to experience and enjoy climbing outdoors, while building deeper connections with the place they live and learning about the local history.

As well as providing unique learning experiences, opportunities like these introduce students to the ICHK Secondary philosophy, helping to develop the key skills of confidence and resilience which are central to our approaches.

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