International College Hong Kong
Aug 31, 2020

The Mastery Transcript Journey Begins

Senior students will begin their Mastery Transcript journeys over the coming weeks.

Students in Years 10-13 will all be offered opportunities to work towards this new qualification, which ICHK was delighted to unveil last school year when eight of our students graduated not just with the IB Diploma, but a Mastery Transcript to boot.

We are one of a growing number of schools globally to offer the MT, and one of just five to graduate students with the qualification in its worldwide debut in August 2020.

We offer it as an additional qualification to the IB, and welcome its aims to value and recognise graduating students for all their attributes, capabilities, passions, achievements, and interests, not just for their academic attainment.

The journey towards Mastery begins in Years 10, where students can work towards becoming a ‘journeyman’, through engagement with projects, activities, and other learning experiences.

Students in Years 11, 12 and 13 build on this work to the point where they become Masters and credits can be awarded for substantial, self-directed, verifiable achievements.

Wednesday afternoon Enrichment and Flow sessions have been set aside for our Year 10s to embrace this new opportunity.

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