International College Hong Kong
Sep 07, 2020

Graduate Advice

ICHK graduates have been sharing their university experiences with our senior students, as they look ahead to the next stage in their lives.

Students in Years 12 and 13 have been receiving advice and guidance from three graduates, who shared their experiences of applying for university, and the challenges and opportunities of leaving home and becoming independent young adults.

A special Zoom session was arranged as part of an ongoing programme, which helps to prepare our students for life beyond ICHK.

It was attended by Ann Onuselogu, who graduated from the University in Hong Kong in Biomedical Science this year and will shortly begin her Masters Degree in Precision Medicine at Leeds University; Emily Donnet who is about to begin the second year of a Psychology degree at Sussex University; and Chloe Chan who joined at 1am from Hull York Medical where she is training to be a doctor.

Higher Education Advisor Martin Clarke said: “It was great to see these wonderful ambassadors for ICHK, and we are very grateful to them for sharing their wisdom and experience with our current students.”

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