International College Hong Kong
Sep 23, 2022

The ICHK Lottery

Year 8 students have been using the lottery as a means to learn about probability.

If 3 balls were drawn from 10 balls numbered from 1 to 10, there needs to be 120 unique tickets to secure a winning ticket. Therefore, the probability of drawing a winning ticket is 1/120.

While there are 73 Year 8 students in total, a student in 8.2 was the lucky winner of the ICHK Lottery. As part of the Probability unit, students also discussed whether they can make better decisions by understanding probability.

The students enjoyed thinking creatively and discussing their mathematical thinking and the activity led to great steps forward in learning.

The lesson linked with the 'communication' theme which is one of the unifying maths principles in Year 8 and underpins all teaching and learning. It is great to see all Year 8 students engaged and excited about their learning.

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