International College Hong Kong
Sep 23, 2022

IGCSE Results

We are delighted to announce that ICHK students have once again celebrated some outstanding IGCSE results, at a truly difficult and challenging time for young learners taking their first steps with external examinations.

Some 79% of students received grades A*-C, results which are in line with the highest achieving schools in Hong Kong and beyond.

We have been unable to announce the results until now, as we were awaiting the outcome of an appeal for one subject, due to an initial clerical error on the part of the examination board.

That glitch has now been addressed and we are able to celebrate our students, whose success is thanks to their embracing a growth mindset throughout their examination courses. They have demonstrated grit, tenacity, dedication and hard work in approaching their studies while at ICHK, and particularly during the difficulties of the past two years. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted this year group’s learning journeys, with the whole of their IGCSE years spent in unprecedented circumstances.

We are proud to say that every single result was built on a foundation of hard work, consistently excellent approaches to learning, and wonderfully positive relationships between students and staff.

The whole community congratulates the cohort, along with the teachers and staff who have guided and supported them.

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