International College Hong Kong

The ICHK Logo

As our school has evolved in time, so too has our school logo.

The original logo, which was designed for the opening of ICHK in 2009, was used across the very small number of branded items associated with a new, small school.

A copy of the logo remains in place in the school hall, in a nod to the history and early beginnings of ICHK.

Just a few years later, and as the school began to grow, new branding was unveiled, featuring four coloured ‘swirls’. At this time, Hong Lok Yuen was renamed as ICHK Kindergarten and Primary and adopted the same logo to align the two schools more closely and strengthen the through train partnership.

The logo was refreshed with stronger colours and a new, bolder font in 2019 and in 2020 a fifth ring and ‘+1’ design was added to the ICHK Secondary logo, to mark the opening of the +1 Centre and the further step that it represented in the school’s developmental journey.

ICHK teaching staff have long adopted the 5+1 Model as a set of guiding principles and insights in our partnership with the students with whom we work. The Model reminds us that the ‘+1’ is the individual student – unique in his or her combination of temperament, life experience, interests and enthusiasms. It is in tailoring learning to this unique profile that our small classes, led by experienced and passionate teachers, truly find their strength.

We were delighted to incorporate this commitment in the symbolic identity of our school and it is this logo which we now proudly use across all clothing, signage and communications at ICHK Secondary.




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