5+1 Model

ICHK's 5+1 Model

The 5+1 Model, lies at the heart of learning innovation with ICHK’s students. The sections below outline the 6 elements of the model.

In 2012, the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research undertook a wide-ranging review of several hundred studies into education. Their comprehensive report makes clear the extent to which what they term ‘non-cognitive’ factors impact on student achievement in school.

Academic performance, their study indicates, can only be accounted for by a close understanding of the factors that create the conditions for successful learning.

Of these factors comes, first and foremost, having the right mindset. A growth mindset encourages the belief that hard work pays off and leads, in turn, to the will to meet and stick with challenges. It is this commitment that gives rise to a consistent approach to schoolwork, which results, in due course, in a strong academic performance.

At ICHK this research has informed the development of our 5+1 Model for fostering and nurturing success in our students. 5+1 is based on the work of five thinkers in education and beyond. It provides us with guidance on how to foster a growth mindset and how to support students into the “learning zone” through an imaginative, innovative curriculum, experienced in an environment of safety and trust.

The +1 is the individual student – unique in his or her combination of temperament, life experience, interests and enthusiasms. It is in tailoring learning to this unique profile that our small classes, led by experienced and passionate teachers, truly find their strength.

5 Theories of Learning

+1: The Individual Learner