International College Hong Kong
Mar 14, 2024

The ICHK Book Week

A fantastic celebration of books and reading has been held at school.

Students have enjoyed inspiring talks from authors, workshops, quizzes, reading promotions, a book fair and dress down day, as part of the ICHK Book Week.

Writers have been visiting school to share their expertise and advice with our students.

Award winning cartoonist Jonathan Case ran a presentation and workshop for students in years 7, 8 and 9. Year 7s were also inspired by Siobhan McDermott, who shared insights on creating a fantasy world. Year 8 students enjoyed a fascinating talk about the process of writing a novel from Jordan Rivet.

In Year 7 and 8, winners of an English Reading Aloud competition were awarded signed copies of Siobhan McDermott's and Jordan Rivet’s latest books.

Lower school students were enthralled by a presentation from Steve Brusatte on dinosaurs and mammals. Year 10 students met with Gigi Chang to explore different techniques in creative writing.

Year 12 students enjoyed a talk about writing about the lives of people in the past from author James Zimmermann.

Literature quizzes were held and all lessons began with 10 minutes of reading.

A very successful book fair was organised by the SRC, and the week culminated with a dress down day, with students and staff dressing as characters from their favourite books.

The celebration of books and reading was organised by the English Department, in collaboration with the Library. It has been wonderful to see students engaged in the world of books, and developing their lifelong love of reading and learning.

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