International College Hong Kong
Mar 18, 2024

21st Century Learning Conference

ICHK’s approaches to digital technology have been showcased at another major education conference.

Director of Technology and Assessment Ross Parker was a keynote speaker at the 21st Century Learning Conference.

His talk, ‘What the Tech?’ invited participants to rethink the story of digital technology, and its impact on young people.

Educators from across the region heard Ross speak passionately about the need for change and a new response to the rapidly developing world of digital technology.

This involves re-imagining school as a space where screens are less prevalent, less intense, less pervasive, and more explicitly the subject of critical analysis and critical practice.

Ross also led a longer workshop, based on his book Screens That Eat Children, which aimed to help teachers deepen their understanding of the harms associated with digital technology.

Ross has presented at schools, companies, conferences and workshops around the world, as well as participating as a panel expert and as a regular on Hong Kong’s RTHK Radio 3.

This latest presentation adds to a growing list of conferences that our staff have been invited to in recent years. We have seen a rapid increase in international interest in our innovations, programmes and curricula, and we now present at education conferences and summits, host workshops and meet with educators who are keen to learn about our approaches.

We are delighted to continue to share learning and innovations from ICHK with educators from around the region.

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