International College Hong Kong
Mar 14, 2024

Sharing our Outdoor Learning Expertise

ICHK's approaches to outdoor learning have been shared with educators from across the region.

Head of Outdoor Learning, Dave Addis, attended the International Outdoor Education Research Conference in Japan.

Dave presented on research conducted at ICHK, that looked at an emerging approach to outdoor education known as enskilment. The project investigated the influence of the local environment and community on our students as they developed into young outdoor leaders.

Our pioneering approaches generated a great deal of interest, with attendees interested in our school-wide strategies to facilitate getting students out of classrooms, as well as the specific programs we run.

The conference was also an opportunity to mix with other academics and practitioners from around the world who are working at the forefront of outdoor education research. Presenters shared work on a wide range of interesting outdoor learning topics, such as place-responsive learning, pilgrimages, AI and student agency on programs.

We have long recognised the tremendous benefits that outdoor learning brings to our students' holistic development, and we pride in being at the forefront of outdoor education in Hong Kong.

Dave now hopes to be able to integrate some of these new ideas and approaches into the school's outdoor learning curriculum.

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