International College Hong Kong
Nov 19, 2023

Spanish Conference

ICHK’s languages programme has been showcased to educators from across Asia.

Our Spanish teachers and Learning Assistants took part in a professional development event at the University of Hong Kong.

It was the first conference centred around Spanish as a foreign language in Hong Kong since Covid restrictions were lifted, and attracted participants from a number of countries.

Head of Languages and CAS Coordinator Nicolas Arriaga, presented a paper at the conference about language acquisition in secondary school contexts.

Nicolas spoke about how ICHK’s unique 5+1 model is used to embrace language learning.

His presentation included ways to foster a Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck), awareness of learning zones (Vygotsky), how to develop opportunities to discover meaning and grammar by ourselves (Piaget), and linguistic theories about how languages are learned (Chomsky, S. Krashen).

The presentation adds to a growing list of conferences that our staff have been invited to attend in recent years, as we see an increase in international interest in our innovations, programmes and curricula.

We are delighted to continue to share learning and innovations from ICHK with educators from around the world.

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