International College Hong Kong
Jun 16, 2024

Spanish Excursion to Lamma

Students of Spanish have enjoyed a wonderful language and culture day in Lamma island.

The special excursion was organised to enrich their studies about “El dia del San Juan” (Saint John’s Day).

Students completed a series of language games and challenges, including ‘la palabra humana’, (making Spanish words in the sand) and solving a puzzle about ‘las hogueras de San Juan’. They also took part in a ritual purification exercise in the sea, as part of El dia del San Juan.

They then enjoyed a Spanish feast at the Dale Candela restaurant, with Chef Carlos cooking up a variety of authentic tapas and a giant paella.

The excursion was planned ahead of the official St John’s Day, and Lamma island was chosen because of its strong Hispanic connection, in which Dale Candela is the epicentre.

It was a good opportunity for all the Spanish students to enjoy some activities together outside school and mark the end of the school year with a traditional lunch in a Spanish restaurant.

It led to huge steps forward in learning for the students and we thank all the staff who supported the students.

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