International College Hong Kong
Mar 14, 2024

ICHK's Flagship Deep Learning

Another amazing round of our flagship Deep Learning programme has been enjoyed by students this week.

They have enjoyed an incredible series of creative experiences, extending learning beyond the classroom, and giving them the chance to explore and delve into a feature of the curriculum in more detail.

Students spent time exploring Hong Kong as well as the cities of Zhuhai and Shenzhen.

Camping, cooking, rock climbing, breadmaking, glassblowing, woodwork, pottery, circus arts, fishing and photography were just some of the units enjoyed.

Students worked as teachers in our partner primaries, visited temples, museums and cultural centres. They met with people from all over the world and gathered a huge amount of knowledge in the process.

Deep Learning is an ICHK innovation, designed to encourage independence, motivation, enjoyment and depth in student learning. We are proud to offer students immersive learning, practical opportunities and real life experiences outside of the confines of the classroom, which we believe challenge many of the established norms of mainstream education.

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