International College Hong Kong
May 25, 2023

Rite of Passage Hike to ICHK

A wonderful rite of passage was marked by a group of Year 6 students .

Students from ICHK Hong Lok Yuen completed a 15km hike from their school to ours, camping overnight, before resuming their walk the next morning. They were applauded on their arrival at our campus.

A group of Year 9s joined them on their journey, sharing stories with them about secondary school, and reflecting on their past achievements and future goals.

The student leaders were wonderful ambassadors, supporting the students as they hiked and the experience offered them a taste of the Outdoor Leadership programme that they will be offered next year.

It was a symbolic journey, designed to build their resilience as they prepare to transition to Year 7, and was the first of a number of rites of passage that they will experience over the coming years at our school.

At ICHK, we believe in the transformative power and essential hallmarks of rites of passage and introduce them to students to meaningfully mark turning points in their lives; supporting them as they make the journey from childhood to adulthood.

In a moving gesture, our students lined the balconies at school to applaud and welcome the younger students as they arrived.

It was a very memorable and challenging walk for the students and marked a meaningful turning point in their lives as they prepare to transition to secondary.

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