International College Hong Kong
Nov 23, 2020

Precious Plastic Workplace Project

Year 12 students are behind a  new recycling scheme at ICHK.

A group are working on the ‘Precious Plastic Workplace' as part of their CAS projects.

The students are behind a plan to invest in machinery, which will help with our goal as a school to reduce and recycle plastic waste.

Their aim is to purchase equipment, including a compression oven, which will transform old plastic items into new ones, and provide easily accessible recycling at school.

The students are working on costings and applying for grant funding for the machinery, and will be arranging fundraisers in the new year.

They will be working with Precious Plastic, an established organisation working globally to fight against plastic pollution.

Items produced from the recycled plastics will be donated to ICHK or sold to support other similar activities at school.

We commend the students on their efforts.

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