International College Hong Kong
Nov 23, 2020

The Sound of Waves

The stunning surroundings of our school have been inspiring Literature students.

Year 11s are studying Yukio Mishima's ‘The Sound of Waves’ for their World Literature IGCSE. They were able to explore the themes, ideas and setting of the novel through a walk down to the local Tin Hau Temple.

They were able to observe the beauty of nature, take photos of important symbolic elements such as butterflies. bees and fishing boats. They saw the opposition of tradition and modernity with the industrial cranes of Shenzhen in the background of the small temple. The learning opportunity also enabled them to enjoy a relaxing stroll on a beautiful autumn day.

These amazing natural surroundings provide our students with so many opportunities for learning outdoors, from conducting fieldwork and science experiments, learning about the historical features of the area, to hiking, kayaking, cross country running and cycling.

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