International College Hong Kong
Nov 16, 2020

Diwali Celebrations

A wonderful celebration of Diwali was enjoyed in the +1 Centre.

Students have been busy  making Indian sweets and beautiful Rangoli patterns to mark the Festival of Lights.

They have worked hard, creating Rangolis with beans, and clay diyas, the small lamps that are traditionally used at this time of year. They also made chocolate balls to share with the school staff.

The +1 Centre teachers Diptii Mehta and Emma Kent Jones said the week has been one of great enjoyment for the students, and they were very proud to share their work.

Staff, students and parents attended the Diwali celebration, enjoying the treats that had been made, looking at the beautiful crafts and listening to traditional music.

It was a wonderful occasion for the students, who are taking great benefit from being in a vibrant, caring environment, dedicated to growth and acceptance.

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