International College Hong Kong
Mar 25, 2024

Library Connection conference

Educators from across the region have been hearing about the ways in which ICHK is developing critical literacy skills.

Librarian Claire Palmer spoke at the Library Connection Conference, which was part of the 21st Century Learning Conference.

Her talk, 'The Library Collection and Critical Literacy' was attended by librarians and teachers from across the Asia Pacific region.

Claire spoke about critical literacy theory and why this is especially relevant at a time in which the information we receive through channels such as social media and search engines is increasingly tailored to expose us to more of what we like, whilst keeping other information hidden from us.

Claire explained that an effective school library must support and enable students to explore a broad range of texts and narratives, through which they are exposed to different cultures, identities, and viewpoints.

She shared some of the ways in which ICHK is building and using the library collection to develop critical literacy skills and build empathy in students. Claire shared examples of how she works with students and teachers to provide a safe and inclusive space where students can question and think critically about what they read, and reach a deeper appreciation of how this can both reflect and influence the world around them.

We are delighted to continue to share learning and innovations from ICHK with educators from around the region.

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