International College Hong Kong
May 12, 2022

Laser Cutting

The art of laser cutting and vinyl cutting has been introduced at school as part of an expansion of our innovative Free Learning programme.

Two new cutting machines have been purchased to help students to bring their digital designs into the physical world.

Several news units are being added to our Free Learning map, to expand our offering of design related skills.

As students return to campus from online school, these new cutting machines are part of our goal to offer more hands-on craft-making opportunities. The aim is to introduce more non-screen options which enable students to plan, create, imagine and invent.

As an introduction to laser cutting, students will first create a tile which depicts an element from the Periodic Table. Over time these will be compiled into a complete installation of all 118 elements, which will be displayed at school.

Students will then be able to experiment with different designs and more complex shapes.

Their work will add to the varied map of challenges and experiences they encounter through Free Learning, providing more personalised pathways and promoting creativity, individuality, team work, freedom and taking responsibility.

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