International College Hong Kong
May 12, 2022

Human Technologies Studies

Year 9s have been exploring psychodynamic concepts through our ground-breaking Human Technologies curriculum.

Students in Natalie Bailey’s class have been thinking about perception as part of the Technologies for Consciousness unit.

They have been making use of one of our many HT resources and games to recognise that some of our thinking is done at a deep unconscious level.

The rubber arm illusion is used to teach the concept of neuroplasticity by tricking the brain into ‘adopting’ and ‘misperceiving’ sensory stimuli. In short, the volunteer comes to believe that a fake hand has feeling. The key point is the rapidity with which the brain switches into the misperception.

A focus in Year 9 is the unconscious and how it affects the ways we think, feel and act on deep levels.

Students are learning about what it means to be motivated by something that is unconscious; how they can tell if they are being affected by something if it is unconscious; what unconscious influences they can detect in themselves and how to spot them.

In this unit, students also use the HT lens to evaluate the many technologies available for altering consciousness and the reasons why they are developed.

Year 9s all follow the HT programme, which begins in Year 7 and continues to Year 11. It is the centrepiece of the ways in which we continue to change education for the better. The curriculum encourages students to experience school in more positive ways, whilst developing a profound sense of the art and craft of being human.

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