International College Hong Kong
Mar 18, 2024


Year 11 students took part in an exciting ‘Jailbreak’.

The programme was put together by the outdoor learning team and followed a series of excursions and lessons during EnF time.

The captivating event saw students split into two teams, navigating across Hong Kong, solving puzzles and trying to either evade or capture the other.

It was designed to not only test their physical, mental, and teamwork abilities but also allowed them to explore some of the city's hidden historical gems.

One team of students took on the roles of police officers, while another team assumed the roles of the Jade Egrets Gang escaping from “ICHK prison”. The chase began in the early hours with the prisoners escaping under the cover of darkness. Both teams needed to solve puzzles and hike to hilltop checkpoints to either chase or evade the other team. As the chase unfolded it led the teams to a number of historic landmarks, including the Luk Keng trenches, the Gin Drinker’s Line tunnels, the Nepalese Temple at Queen’s Hill and Che Kung Temple. Throughout the day there were a number of close encounters with the game of cat-and-mouse finally finishing at Pak Shek Kok Promenade where the police team laid an ambush for the tired prisoners.

The event was an incredible opportunity for the students to showcase their abilities and forge strong memories. It challenged them not only physically but also mentally, as they had to think on their feet, strategize, and work together as a cohesive team. They found having to make decisions based on limited information and the need to anticipate the movement of the other teams particularly challenging, yet rewarding. The event utilised a GPS-enabled ‘treasure hunt’ app to deliver the puzzles at set times and locations, and was designed to allow the teams to collaborate on the same puzzles while not physically in the same space ultimately pushing their communication and logic skills.

We applaud the students for embracing the challenge wholeheartedly. Their enthusiasm, resilience, and spirit of adventure were truly commendable.

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