International College Hong Kong
Dec 11, 2023

Inter-Form Competitions

Year 10s have enjoyed a series of inter-form competitions, designed to energise them as the end of term approaches.

Over the past two weeks, Year 10s have been taking part in energetic challenges during Curriculum X.

The activities were strategically scheduled to boost motivation and engagement during the final part of the term.

There was lively participation as students competed in a variety of challenges. Highlights included a space hopper race, tug of war, musical chairs, pass the parcel, timed math challenges, and spelling competitions.

The inter-form events were organised by Head of Year 10 Jennie Davies and provided a welcome mood boost from regular routines. Students demonstrated excellent team spirit, creativity, and determination throughout the competitions, as well as showing strong growth mindsets. The activities provided a perfect opportunity for students from different forms to bond and allowed them to discover strengths in themselves and their peers.

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