International College Hong Kong
Dec 11, 2023

Carbon Off-Setting

ICHK’s overseas trips this autumn were carbon offset.

Deep Learning Coordinator David Addis worked with the NGO, Sustainable Travel, to offset carbon emissions from trips to Berlin and Japan.

The NGO invests in a range of projects to either reduce carbon dioxide by capturing or storing existing CO2, or ones that prevent new emissions from happening. Projects might generate clean energy by establishing a wind farm, while others may absorb carbon by planting trees.

We received certificates to show our commitment to their work, which is in line with increasing global awareness and concern with rising carbon emissions. This is one example of how we can make better informed decisions as individuals and as a school to play our part in aiming towards a greener future.

It follows ICHK joining The Alliance of Sustainable Schools earlier this year. As a member school, we recognise the seriousness of our ecological crises – including climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, pollution and water scarcity – and the challenges they pose for the health and wellbeing of our students and the global community.

Although changes can seem small, these can add up, and have a longer term effect of raising more awareness about this issue, and increasing desire for future societal change.

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