International College Hong Kong
Sep 23, 2022

Human Technologies Experiences

Students across the year groups have enjoyed hands-on experiences in Human Technologies this week.

From Year 7-11, students are learning to apply the HT lens, allowing them opportunities to reflect on their own values and habits, and to think critically about which technologies best serve them and those around them.

The HT department continues to develop the curriculum: established units have been streamlined and additional units created; all of which put an emphasis on promoting the approaches to learning, encouraging students to develop the right mindset.

The HT games room has seen lots of hands-on experiences. These have included the DNA noodle twister in year 10, Rubik Cube alien HT in year 7 and cell structure design and creative modelling in year 8.

We continue to develop and refine our ever-expanding arsenal of 'serious-games' which create states of emotional intelligent engagement to produce and retain important insights.

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