International College Hong Kong
Mar 14, 2023

Helping the Planet

New work is underway in the canteen to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainability Coordinator Jon Rees and the Eco Warriors are working with our caterers Chartwells to meet sustainability targets.

The aims are to reduce food waste, use new reusable containers, eliminate single use plastics and introduce more vegetarian dishes.

The canteen project is one of a number of new initiatives being led by Mr Rees and the Eco Warriors, aimed at helping us to lead more balanced, sustainable lives.

It is estimated that around 25kg of food waste is generated in the canteen every lunchtime, amounting to 3,000kg a year.

Students are being encouraged to only order what they need, and to think before they scrape their plates.

A stock of 200 new reusable containers has been introduced, and students are also being urged to ensure they are not thrown away.

Ongoing discussions are being held with Chartwells about how to eliminate other single use plastics.

Another goal is to offer more vegetarian meals for lunch, and one daily hot vegetarian option has already been added to the menu.

The Eco Warriors are grateful for the support they have already received from Chartwells and are looking forward to a continued partnership in support of the planet.

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