International College Hong Kong
Mar 14, 2023

IB Review

ICHK has been commended for its strong commitment to an IB education, as part of a five year review process.

A team from the International Baccalaureate visited school last month for the review, which was designed to provide feedback or confirm that the school and programme documents meet IB guidelines.

A huge amount of preparatory work was completed including an extensive self study and a detailed examination of the school’s philosophy and practices.

We have now received the evaluation report and are very pleased that it contains a high number of commendations, and a recognition that the school supports a culture in which IB philosophy can thrive.

The report recognised that the school demonstrates its strong commitment to an IB education through its vision, mission and guiding statements to promote life-long learning, growth mindset, responsible action, open communication, supportive and inclusive culture and respect.

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