International College Hong Kong
Sep 07, 2020

The ICHK QR Trail

A new QR trail for the trees and plants around ICHK is being developed as part of our innovative outdoor learning programme.

Our outdoor education team has been working on the project over recent weeks, with all codes linking to a webpage containing facts and historical stories.

So far 12 points have been developed, including this one about the camphor tree outside ICHK. The plan is to add more as part of a Big History trail in and around our school grounds.

It will also be used during orienteering activities on site.

Our outdoor learning programme has been firmly established as one of the central pillars of our school over the past two years.

Our beautiful green location provides students with unrivalled opportunities for outdoor learning, and our forward thinking approaches have won acclaim and been shared at global conferences.

We look forward to the trail being enjoyed when students are back on campus.

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