International College Hong Kong
Mar 21, 2023

Fundraising Bake Sale

The +1 Centre has been thanked for its fundraising efforts for the Tukey Syria Earthquake Appeal.

Staff and students at the centre organised a bake sale at school, selling cakes and goodies to raise money for Save the Children.

Their efforts raised $10,432, all of which was donated to the charity, to help children affected by the devastating earthquakes.

We received a letter of thanks from the charity, along with a certificate of appreciation.

It read: “On behalf of Save the Children, I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude to International College Hong Kong for the generous donation to Save the Children Hong Kong. Because of you, many more children around the world will smile brighter! As a token of gratitude, we have prepared a Certificate of Appreciation.”

As an international community, we strive to support and help others in the region and beyond through donating to a variety of different organisations. Our students are encouraged to be thoughtful, to care for others, to understand the importance of serving the community and how, through their actions, they can make a difference.

The students worked hard to prepare goods for the bake sale, and we are very proud of their efforts and hard work.

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