International College Hong Kong
Mar 14, 2023

Wildlife Work

Students have been working to improve the school garden and support more wildlife.

As part of the Deep Learning 'Local Wildlife' course, students spent time investigating the range of wildlife that lives around the school and across Hong Kong.

They took part in research trips to Kadoorie Farm and Tin Shui Wai Wetland Park and spoke with experts about how to make the school a safe haven for local fauna. Native plants and advice were also kindly provided by KFBG in an effort to restore local biodiversity.

They then spent a day putting what they had learned into practice.

The students planted a lychee tree, orchids, birds nest ferns and firecracker vines , and built log and stone pile hotels for frogs and insects. A no-cut wild zone was fenced off to provide shelter for bugs, and a bat box was created. As a positive sign of their efforts, while digging out the school compost, the students even found an Asian Painted Toad.

The project was completed under the guidance of Outdoor Educator David Addis and adds to work in progress on the ICHK trail, where motion sensor cameras have been installed as part of indigenous animal tracking.

As well as improving the school garden, the students’ work will support more wildlife and contribute to local citizen science and conservation efforts.

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