International College Hong Kong
May 15, 2023

Enrichment & Flow

Year 10 students are working on a new design project during Enrichment & Flow.

A group of students are learning how to build hammocks as part of a study into arts and crafts.

They will be learning about project design, self-reliance and sustainability under the guidance of their teacher Jon Rees.

Having researched designs, materials and costs, they visited hardware shops in Fanling this week to source all the items needed for their project. Ropes, sheets and wooden pools were among the materials on their shopping lists.

The students are working on the project during weekly Enrichment & Flow sessions. These are aimed at introducing choice and inviting students to take responsibility for their learning, a foretaste of the self-starting and self-regulating skills that they will need for IB Diploma and at university.

E+F sessions can also focus on consolidation, allowing students additional time to master existing areas of the curriculum. Some students use them for extension purposes, using the time to develop further existing areas of the curriculum. Others use them to spend time on an area not found within the curriculum, such as engaging in Free Learning or undertaking a research project on a topic of personal interest. For others, it can be the chance to build a pause into their weekly schedule, to take a breath, gather their wits and get on top of things.

It is a key part of our curriculum and part of an ongoing apprenticeship in which it makes sense and is possible for students to want to be and to build towards being the best people they can be.

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