International College Hong Kong
May 15, 2023

Language Exchange Programme

The ICHK Exchange is to return this year.

We are very pleased to be resuming our annual exchange programme with Nengren Middle School in Jiangsu province. Prior to the pandemic, we had run this for six years, with students visiting the school, and in return, hosting a visit for some of their students.

Over the years a strong partnership has been developed with Nengren, which has a similar philosophy to ICHK.

The exchange programme is aimed at enriching language study, but more than that it offers invaluable opportunities for growth in our students.

They are immersed in Chinese language and culture, and are exposed to an incredible range of learning experiences, as well as enjoying the hospitality of their host families.

After every trip, we see our students returning to school with increased confidence and resilience as a result of the experiences they have. They support each other during time away from home and learn to deal with situations outside their comfort zones. This is the true value of our exchange programme.

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