International College Hong Kong
Nov 16, 2020

Deep Learning + Week

Another fantastic week of outdoor learning has been enjoyed – this time by our Year 8 students.

The students completed a week of activities with Asia Pacific Adventures, exploring the natural world, trying new things and learning to collaborate with their peers.

They were engaged in team building games and challenges;  supported each other on a high ropes course;  explored the coastline by kayaking, and much more.

As with the Year 7 Deep Learning+ Week, all the activities were designed to promote the interpersonal skills which underpin all-round, holistic growth in young people.

The week  allowed the Year 8s to challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zones, bond with their classmates, and develop in ways which simply cannot be duplicated within the classroom, developing the key skills of collaboration, perseverance and problem solving, which are central to the ICHK ethos.

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