International College Hong Kong
Nov 03, 2023

Discovery Dome

The Discovery Dome has made a return to ICHK.

Year 7 students visited the Mobile Planetarium, for an introduction into the topic of Evolution, which they will be studying in Human Technologies.

Students watched a 360 degree immersive movie, which included the topics of natural selection, sexual reproduction and genetics, along with the tale of Charles Darwin’s adventures on the HMS Beagle.

The Evolution unit in HT focuses on how evolution is the process by which organisms (and situations) change over time. Humans, just like all other living creatures, have an evolutionary past, which has left its impression on their current state of being. This encompasses all aspects of what it is to be human - physically, psychologically and emotionally. By examining the evolutionary past of human beings, we can understand better why it is that humans experience life as they do now, and why their thought processes and action profiles take their current form.

Year 7 students have all received an illustrated copy of Bill Bryson’s A Very Short History of Nearly Everything which they will also be engaging with during this unit.

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