International College Hong Kong
Nov 03, 2023

Dynasty Touch Rugby

The Dynasty Touch Rugby Competition was a huge success.

More than 220 students took part in the annual touch tournament at King’s Park, reflecting our school’s commitment to inclusion and participation.

The days started off with rain, but it turned into an amazing day of sport, with the teams showing great teamwork and determination, and proving that the weather was no obstacle.

Tang emerged as the winners of the tournament. Their teams played well, working together to win the championship by a clear margin. Song came in second place, showing their strong skills and never giving up throughout the competition. Ming House secured the third-place position, demonstrating their determination and teamwork.

Special thanks are given to the house captains who helped to organize the event. They worked hard to make sure their teams were entered and that everything ran smoothly in the month leading up to the event. Their efforts were appreciated by everyone.

Thank you also to the students who were captains and coaches on the day. They demonstrated excellent leadership of their teams in organising them for warm up and practises before the games.

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