International College Hong Kong
Nov 09, 2020

Deep Learning + Week

A fantastic week of outdoor learning has been enjoyed by our Year 7 students.

As part of their Deep Learning+ Week, students have been learning how to navigate, exploring the natural world, examining habitats and wildlife in the nearby streams, learning first aid skills, farming, composting and cooking, hiking, abseiling and learning about the heritage around our school.

The spectacular surroundings of ICHK has provided the setting for their week of activities, all of which have helped to promote the interpersonal skills which underpin all-round, holistic growth in young people.

The week has allowed the Year 7s to challenge themselves, step out of their comfort zones, bond with their classmates, and develop in ways which simply cannot be duplicated within the classroom, developing the key skills of collaboration, perseverance and problem solving, which are central to the ICHK ethos.

A-Team outdoor educators have commended the students on how engaged and inquisitive they have been. Our staff report that the school has been abuzz with stories about their experiences, and it has been a pleasure to witness the energy and positivity they have displayed.

The Year 7s return to their normal timetables this week, more confident and resilient from their experiences.

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